Easily Track Construction Work in Progress and Alleviate Disputes with Assemble

John Prior

We often talk to our customers to understand their pain points and develop solutions to better serve their needs. A key customer pain point we’ve uncovered is managing on-site progress and field handoffs.

On complex projects with a number of trades executing different parts of an installation, it’s easy to lose track of work in progress. This lack of clarity can result in disputes between subcontractors and general contractors about what percentage of work is complete and makes contractor payouts difficult.

Now, with new integrations and connected construction data in Assemble, contractors can quickly track and access the status of objects in the field to alleviate uncertainty and miscommunication.


How to Track, Visualize, and Report on the Status of an Installation

Easily track, visualize, and report on the status of work in progress in Assemble by:

1. Leveraging the coordinated model from Navisworks to visualize the status of objects in the field.

2. Using the mobile app in the field to visualize the project model, and input statuses on those model objects.

3. Enabling the integration with Power BI to quickly assess the percentage of work complete and create reports on the installation status to share with key project stakeholders.

Let’s take a look at how it can enhance project workflows.


Visualize Installation Objects

The workflow begins by creating a view on the web version of Assemble.

You can isolate the objects you want to track and generate a visual of where those objects live in reference to the rest of the model. Leverage as many Assemble Properties - customizable fields for important data - as needed to track field installations.




Access Remotely

Access the view you’ve created in Assemble web through the Mobile App while on site. If you do not have WiFi in the field, take the view offline to work with the data remotely.

You will see a breakdown of the current statuses, with objects color coded, for a review of current progress on the job.




To update the status of work, select the objects and access the properties of that object in real time using the Assemble App.




Track field production rates by inputting the installation date information as a Date Property.




Finally, enabled by an integration with Power BI, you can breakdown the project progress and get updates from the field by simply refreshing this dashboard report.

Stakeholders also have the ability to customize the template of the report for their user role.




With this workflow, easily track work in progress during field installation to provide a single source of truth that all users can agree upon to ensure timely execution of work in progress, improve handoffs and resolve disputes on site.

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