Analytics and Insights updates – July 2020

July 30, 2020 Manu Venugopal


Reporting Updates

Project Level Document Log

Support for running project level document log reports. Document Management users can now run the document log report for any folder and choose to include all content from all subfolders. This helps meet the requirements for CDE/ISO19650 for running a document log for the entire Project Files. This report also includes all standard and custom attributes.


Issue Report Enhancements

Issue reports now includes automatic clash screenshots from model coordination reports. Helps provide more context to the issue that was created from a clash. You can learn more about it in the model coordination July release notes.



Scheduled Checklist Detail Report (phased roll out*)

Out of the box Checklist detail report template helps customers generate checklist inspection reports and track their compliance and conformance for Quality, Safety, Commissioning etc. With the ability to customize the template with metadata filters they can refine it to meet their project specific needs. Finally the ability to schedule and share the report with users, or specific roles or companies helps them automate the entire process.


  • Out of the box Report template for Checklist detail report in Insight.
  • Can be configured and scheduled
  • Supports filtering by checklist template and other attributes

*We will be rolling this out in a phased approach over the next few weeks to all customers.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Performance improvements
  • New email notifications

We have made significant improvements to the report platform to reduce the report generation times and reliability of reporting service in general. There is also a new email notification for reports that goes through the BIM 360 notification service.


Data Connector (Preview)

We have made enhancements to the Data Connector (Preview) based on feedback from customers.

This includes:

  • Custom Issue Attributes – to helps customers use their own custom attributes for slicing and dicing the data.
  • Issue and Checklist links – helps link issues to the checklists they originated from. Provides a way for customers to understand which inspection caused these issues.
  • Email notifications for data connector requests- allows customers to know the data extraction is complete (or failed) and ready to download.

We have also introduced a new Power BI template for project controls dashboards supporting RFI and Submittals data. Data Connector users can download this template and start using this along with the project controls data provided by Data Connector.


Insight partner cards

We have also added couple of new partner cards to Insight dashboards.

  • ESRI – support for ArcGIS, mapping, sitescan footage etc.
  • Raken – time card software for the field and allows to bring that view into Insight/Project Home.

You can find these partner cards by visiting the dashboard card library and filtering for partner cards.

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