Insight Updates – November 2021

November 16, 2021 Manu Venugopal

Within the Insight module we had 4 updates this month to the Dashboard tool:

  • Dashboards Permission Changes (going live December 1st)
  • Send Dashboard as Reports
  • Unified Account Level UI Enhancements
  • Additional Partner Cards


Dashboards Permission Changes

On December 1st we are going to be adding the ability for both Project Admins and Account Admins to control viewing of Insight dashboard cards. Rather than automatically exposing the default Insight dashboards to all project members, this release will limit the visibility of these default dashboards to only Account or Project Admins.

Prior to this release all project members were exposed to the preset dashboards and Project Admins could not limit the visibility if there were project members that should not have access to certain cards. This release will help better control data visibility and ensure only the right people have access to project sensitive information.

In order to share dashboards with Project Members, Project Admins can create custom dashboards, populate with the desired cards, and share it with either individuals or specific groups based on role, user, or company.

For more information view our Help Site.


Send Dashboard as Reports

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform and BIM 360 users can now share data from a dashboard within Insight as a PDF report to any internal or external team members. A great example of this is if a general contractor wanted to share a dashboard view with an owner who did not have an account. This broadens visibility into project data and allows teams to create custom dashboards and easily share relevant views. Please note that PDF reports of dashboards will not include partner cards in this initial release.

Unified Account Level Dashboard UI Enhancements

From within the Executive Overview dashboards within Insight, both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform and BIM 360 users now see a consistent UI to help indicate that all projects shown on this overview list are pulled from projects across both BIM 360 and ACC. This ensures that executives see a wholistic view of all projects, regardless of the product used, and will help improve the migration experience.

Additional Partner Cards

Both Autodesk Construction Cloud Unified Platform and BIM 360 users will now see new partner cards for Aespada,, Embneusys, Geometrid, Oculo, Pronovos, Safe Site Check In, Structshare,, and WakeCap.



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