Custom Calculated Budget Columns

October 16, 2020 Ian Turner

Custom Calculated Budget Columns

BIM360 Cost Management now provides Project Admins with the ability to further customise budget columns. Project Admins can now add new budget columns with custom calculations, rename the default columns, and change the display order of the budget columns. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Through the Project Admin Setting, Project Admins can see and manage the budget overview column

Creating new columns with Custom Calculations

  • Create new columns by duplicating existing columns and modify the formulas
  • Create new columns from scratch
  • Create formulas by dragging and dropping terms:
    • Out-of-box base values
    • Existing calculated column values
    • Manually entered numbers
    • Parentheses

Customise Budget View

  • Change where the columns appear by changing the group and position
  • Rename existing columns
  • Customise budget view by selecting default columns

Check out the video below to learn more.

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