Document Management Update - Activity Logs & Review / Markup Enhancements

September 10, 2019 Joan Allen

During the month of August, the BIM 360 team delivered a number of features and enhancements to improve document collaboration, visibility, and control:

  • Document Control
    • File-level Activity Log
    • Document Log – now with custom attributes
    • Set deletion
  • Review and Markup
    • Review workflow report (individual review)
    • New callout markup tools (text with arrow and cloud)
  • Updated Issues feature (ability to re-open and other usability improvements)
  • Other improvements
    • Search results in thumbnail view (in addition to list view)
    • Copy and Move files that are still processing
    • Copy and Move – folder selection improvements


File-level Activity Log

BIM 360 provides improved accountability and control with the project-level activity log, which provides a full document history for review or export.  Until August, this level of detail has only been available to Project Admins.  In order to improve collaboration and visibility for more project team members, we have introduced the new file-level activity log feature.  Currently available for all new projects created after August 2, the file-level activity log, available to users with “edit” permission or higher, provides the following capabilities:

  • View a complete history of file level activity.
  • Filter the file level activity log by action owner, activity type, and time period.
  • Export the file level activity log for offline use.

In order to make this feature available for projects that existed prior to August 2, we need to perform an extensive data migration (this must be done to ensure that each file-level activity log contains all previous activities for a complete historical record).  Full availability for existing projects will be announced after the data migration has been completed.

Document Log with Custom Attributes

The Document Log feature, first introduced in October 2018, provides a report showing the latest version of each document in a folder.  In the latest release, we added custom attributes (metadata) to the Document Log report.  Any custom attributes associated with a document will be automatically included in the report.

Delete a Document Set

The Document Set feature makes it easier to organize and manage specific versions of documents into “Sets” (packages) that are issued for a specific purpose during the project life cycle.  The latest Docs update includes the highly-requested ability to delete a Set for improved usability and document control.


Review Workflow Reporting

Now you can run a report on any Review workflow.  The report provides a comprehensive summary of the documents, approval status, markups, and comments.

Other Improvements


Search – Now you can view search results in Thumbnail view (in addition to List view).


Copy and Move – now you can copy and move documents that are still processing (for viewing).  We have also improved the folder selection user experience for copy and move operations.


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