Document Management Update - Project Templates

July 9, 2019 Joan Allen

The latest version of BIM 360 Document Management delivers improved project folder templates, greater control over column order and display, and other usability improvements and enhancements.

Copy Project (Folder) Settings – Now with Roles / Permissions

We are pleased to announce that Project Admins can now copy the BIM 360 Document Management folder structure – and its Role-based folder permissions –  from an existing project when setting up new projects. This provides a great way to standardize your company’s project folder organization and access across all projects. The folder structure and role-based permissions from any existing project in your Account can be copied.

  • In Account Admin > Projects, select the “Add” button to start creating a new project.
  • In step 1 of 2, add the project name and other details
  • In Step 2 of 2, in the BIM 360 Document Management activation menu, you will see “Copy Project Settings.”  Select the project you want to copy, add one or more project admins, and activate your project.  The folder structure and any Role-based folder permissions will be automatically created for the new project.  Learn more about copying project settings here.

In this video, we show how to start with one project (“Standard Project Template”) and create a new project (“New Template Project”) that copies the folder structure and role-based permissions upon project creation:


Customize and Control Column Display and Order

Now you can control the visibility and order of the columns in the folder list view.  Using the control icon, select which columns to display and drag to re-order the columns.  This setting will be applied to its subfolders as well.  The settings will be retained even after signing out (if you use the same laptop/desktop and browser).  You can revert the columns and display to the default setting.

Other Improvements

  • More easily select multiple documents and folders using the Shift-click keyboard shortcut.
  • View full folder path in search results
  • Transmittals – select individual recipients from Roles / Companies
  • Display file size (Project Files folders).  Note:  currently available only for projects created since June 20; to be released more broadly at a later date.


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