Document Management Update: Group Reviews

June 6, 2019 Joan Allen

The June 6, 2019 BIM 360 Document Management update introduces powerful new Review workflow capabilities, improved support for IFC files and data, and other usability and quality improvements.

Increase efficiency and streamline document reviews

In November 2018, we introduced the “Reviews” feature in BIM 360 Document Management:

  • Enables document managers to facilitatecontrol, and automate the review and distribution of project drawings, models, and other documents and
  • Provides project team members with an easy, intuitive experience for reviewingcommenting, and approving project documents.

We are pleased to announce that today’s release delivers important new capabilities to support group (“multiple reviewer”) review steps.  Now, instead of waiting for one team member to finish a review step before the next person can start to review, multiple project team members can review and comment on the documents at the same time.  This improves the efficiency of the review process, provides more flexibility when setting up the workflow, and ensures that important process controls are maintained.

For Admins:

  • Three new workflow templates pre-configured with “multiple reviewer” steps
  • Any workflow template (including any existing serial review templates and the new group review workflow templates) can be configured to support one or more “multiple reviewer” steps.
  • Define how many team members must complete the review before moving to next step (for example, assign 5 people to a step and require at least 3 of those people to submit their review comments before the workflow will move on to the next step).
  • Improved experience for selecting Users, Roles, and Companies to assign to each step

For Project Team Members:

  • Multiple team members can review documents at the same time
  • Once the specified number of reviews are completed in a workflow step, that step will be marked as complete and the the workflow will move on to the next step.
  • View, add comments, and approve Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio files) within the Review workflow experience.

New workflow templates pre-configured with a multiple reviewer step


Define any review step as “Single Reviewer” or “Multiple Reviewer” and the minimum number of reviews required


Improved workflow administration experience for assigning users, roles, and companies


Enhance team collaboration with new, improved IFC file viewing and data

Since many project teams use different authoring tools, a common way to ensure data and objects can be shared across the team is to export to an IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) file.   Today’s release includes a major upgrade for IFC model collaboration in BIM 360.  The improved IFC fidelity with this release ensures better geometry conversion and more accurate data and object representation.  New capabilities include:

  •    Improved IFC geometry conversion
  •    Improved structure of IFC model browser/selection tree hierarchy
  •    Improved Support for IFC model object properties
  •    Support for shared coordinate/transform data specified within the IFC file

Other Improvements

Transmittals – Now you can filter the Transmittals list by initiator name and/or by date range, improving the ability to find the transmittals that you need for reference on the project.


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