How to Formalize Document Management with Construction Transmittals

March 21, 2019 Joan Allen

Let's face it...sharing documents between teams is not always as streamlined as it could be. Often times a General Contractor has to formally issue a collection of construction documents to their Subcontractors on the project. Alternatively, Designers often share their design files in a similar way with the Owner or General Contractor. Within the industry, this formalized sharing of project documents is referred to as “Transmittals”. And while this is a familiar process for most, it can be time consuming to compile the information and verify what was sent, to whom, and when. We're pleased to announce that the construction transmittals process has gone digital with BIM 360. With the newly released Document Transmittal feature in BIM 360, we make it simple, secure, and straightforward.


Construction Transmittals - Document Transmittals Function Gives More control and Better Clarity


We're pleased to announce that the construction transmittals process has gone digital with BIM 360


In response to our customers' feedback, we designed the Document Transmittals functionality to support the formal process used in the industry for conveying information. A transmittal is a kind of "packing slip" for a document or collection of documents that are transferred from one company to another. It’s also a formal notice that is crucial for making sure the right information gets in the right hands. The transmittals feature gives granular control of information with top-down visibility on document activity for your project.

How does the Document Transmittal feature benefit you?


  • It’s formalized...document transmittals takes the sharing of sets of documents into a formal process where teams can easily reference.

  • It’s secure...rather than sharing one off links to files, the transmittal feature allows users to share collections of documents to other project team members based on users, roles, or companies.

  • It’s customizable…it gives users the ability to tailor information for specific recipients for either one or more documents or an entire folder

  • It’s trackable...all activity is tracked in the project level Activity Log and serves as an audit trail for historical reference.

  • It’s digestible...recipients get an easy to view consolidated email with the ability to access and download relevant transmittal documents.  


Visit our BIM 360 Resource Center to read more about the transmittals feature.


Making Docs Better With Construction Transmittals

This is just the beginning. As we continue to develop this powerful tool for transmitting project data, we’ll be able to add features/capabilities to give you even better controls for your documentation. We are committed to working with you and to provide you with the best tools for your digital workflow, to save time, reduce risk, and increase profitability. Our goal is to create a new era of digital collaboration, and construction transmittals is the latest feature we’re bringing to you through BIM 360.


Ready to learn how to start digitizing your construction document management workflow?

Read the Construction Document Management Guide


Read the Guide

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