#AU2017: 6 Must See Classes for Building Owners

October 12, 2017 ACS Uberflip User

Autodesk University is just around the corner. If you’re planning on coming, here are some courses you don’t want to miss:

BLD138076 - Indoor Positioning for Building Owners and Operators

In this course, you will learn about indoor positioning, the benefits and challenges of the available indoor positioning technologies, including beacons, Wi-Fi, and magnetic positioning. We'll describe how you can use indoor positioning in all sorts of ways, not only for determining location, but also for more efficient building management. You will learn how you can enable a building with Apple's indoor positioning technology and use the Apple Core Location Framework and Apple Venue Format (AVF) indoor maps to enable proximity, location and navigation applications inside venues and facilities. You'll also see a demonstration of Autodesk's BIM 360 Ops prototypes that use BIM data in AVF and Core Location to provide indoor positioning, to identify nearby issues, and to provide way-finding. Lastly, we'll share examples of how Apple and Autodesk are working to make providing support for indoor positioning even easier.

BLD125361 - Discover How a Large Construction Company in Europe Developed a BIM-to-FM Solution That Has Made a Real Impact on Their Business

BAM has developed a technical delivery solution to manage and deliver data throughout the different stages of a project using Autodesk’s desktop and cloud products. This process is aligned to best industry standards (BS/PAS 1192-2). COBie is BAM’s way of cleverly dealing with data as a project is being delivered. Empowering BAM’s supply chain to capture and populate this data in a simple, no-fuss manner has been key to our success. BAM has worked with Autodesk to develop a new computer-aided facility management system for facilities management called BIM 360 Ops (formerly Building Ops). Having this system in place as the buildings operator has let BAM use the best of BIM 360 Field software during project delivery. It is this systems integration that has helped BAM to achieve significant cost and times avings. The principle case study carried out by BAM compares how 2 similar public-private partnership projects were procured and delivered–one with BIM technology, and the other without.

BLD124210 - Implementing BIM 360 Ops for Arkansas Children's Northwest Hospital—An Open Book

In August 2015, Arkansas Children’s, Inc., announced plans to build a freestanding children’s hospital in Springdale, Arkansas, to advance pediatric health care in the region and provide care close to home for the more than 200,000 children. The new building—Arkansas Children’s Northwest—will include 235,000 square feet of inpatient beds, emergency care, diagnostic services, and clinical space. The hospital’s construction and facilities team put together a detailed set of data specifications to streamline the handover of the building and jumpstart maintenance and operations. The goal was to have all equipment data populated in the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) by substantial completion in the fall of 2017. This will let critical maintenance processes be in place prior to completion. To realize that vision, a number of issues had to be addressed to successfully hand over data before the end of the project. This presentation will walk through planning, design, construction, and the beginning of operations.

BLD127594 - BIM 360 Ops—Extending BIM Value to the Owner/Operator: A Case Study

This discussion will focus on CREFTS’ (Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Travel, Safety, & Security) BIM 360 Ops internal Autodesk deployment, and offer a glimpse from concept to deployment across the Autodesk portfolio. We’ll review the steps taken—from planning, pilot, and deployment—and discuss our pathway to success and how we’re using BIM 360 Ops software from projects to building operations. We’ll share best practices, insight into rollout, and a glimpse of where we’re heading with automation and machine learning.

BLD127004 - 10 Things Your Facilities Team Must Do to Rock with BIM 360 Ops

In this course, the BIM 360 Ops Team will share the top 10 things your team should be doing to realize the benefits of BIM 360 Ops software. We’ll show you tips for effective ticket management, how to use filters to slice and dice data while speeding up your work, how to get the most from graph views, how to schedule your reports like a pro, and much more. Learn how to get the most from the only mobile-first asset and Maintenance Management Solution designed for the people who do the work.

BLD127006 - Export Asset Data from BIM 360 Field and Revit to Create Value at Handover

To achieve its potential, you should begin operating your new building on day one. General contractors and owners both have roles to play here. In this course, we’ll identify the information that is essential for operations, how to structure the data, and how to prepare for a successful export to BIM 360 Ops software. In BIM 360 Ops, we’ll show you how to set up preventive maintenance for your most-critical equipment, and how to ensure that it’s in the hands of your mobile workforce when and where they need it. Throughout the course, the BIM 360 Ops Team will share best practices learned from customers like you that make handover matter.

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