BAM FM’s BIM for FM story: Part I, Measures of Success

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BAM Ireland, part of the Royal BAM Group, is a large multi-disciplinary construction business. One of its subsidiaries, BAM Facilities Management Ireland (BAM FM), has been delivering facilities management services in Ireland since 2010. BAM FM use BIM 360 Ops for operations and asset maintenance.

Three Measures of Success: Money, Time and Occupant Engagement

In Part I of our posts, Micheál Keohane, BAM FM Ireland’s general manager, and Paul Brennan, BAM Ireland’s VDC Department Lead share how they measure success.

Savings of almost US$18,000 per school building in setup fees

On a recent school project, BAM FM saved approximately €15,000 (almost US$18,000) per school building on the setup fees for BIM 360 Ops versus its old CAFM system.

9,000 assets imported in just 15 minutes

Importing assets manually to its old CAFM system previously took one to two months, sometimes longer. Current asset transfer to BIM 360 Ops takes approximately 15-30 minutes depending on the quantity of assets being transferred.

BAM FM successfully transferred over 9,000 assets to BIM 360 Ops by downloading CSV files from its old CAFM system and then uploading that data to BIM 360 Ops. All assets were uploaded in just 15 minutes, a notable time saving in comparison to the initial set up at the commencement of SB3. BAM FM was able to attach product information and create schedule maintenance tasks for each asset.

31 seconds to file a ticket; 20 seconds to access a manual

Logging a service request used to take (on average) 2 minutes and 53 seconds. Logging the same item in BIM 360 Ops takes 31 seconds. With 8,500 items logged to the BAM FM help desk in 2015 across eight school buildings, the use of BIM 360Ops saves 37 working days per year.

There has been a 92 percent reduction in time for operations teams searching for asset information. For example, using its old CAFM system it took approximately 6 minutes for a BIM FM technician to access an operating manual. Using BIM 360 Ops, it takes just 20 seconds, or when scanning the barcode on site, it is practically instantaneous.

Better Occupant Engagment

BAM FM is also enjoying other less measurable benefits of BIM 360 Ops. For example, BAM FM and its client can access building and portfolio dashboards for better operations transparency. And the building occupants are also embracing BIM 360 Ops. “They had been reluctant to use our previous CAFM system,” says Keohane. “But there has been a notable improvement in engagement and more positive feedback since we implemented BIM 360 Ops.”


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