Focus on What Matters with Portfolio Filters

October 20, 2017 ACS Uberflip User

Why Should You Use Portfolio Filters?
Does your portfolio span multiple campuses? Do you only manage tickets in one or more categories, such as electrical? Portfolio filters can help you tailor your view to the buildings and tickets that matter to you.

Default Portfolio Filters
There are three standard portfolio filters: Portfolio, My categories, and My buildings. The Portfolio filter shows you everything. My categories display only buildings and tickets that include the action categories and building categories in your user record. If you are just interested in electrical tickets, add an electrical action category to your user record. The My buildings filter shows only the buildings to which managers and technicians belong and have open tickets.

User Portfolio Filters
You may create user portfolio filters. Open the portfolio filters by selecting the side menu in the upper left corner of the app. Search for the categories that you want to include in your filter view. Select + and add a filter name. Once you save the filter, the portfolio will filter the view based on your chosen categories.

Managing Campuses with Building Categories
Do you have an east campus and a west campus or some leased buildings on your campus? Configure building categories in Portfolio Settings and add these building categories to the buildings in Building Settings.

Managing Trades and Shops
Do you have an electrical shop? Create an electrical Action Category. Add that category to the user records of the shop members. When triaging tickets, add the electrical action category to the tickets manually or by using a Service Level Agreement to facilitate portfolio filtering as well as better reporting.

Getting Started
Portfolio filters require consistent use of categories. Start by managing categories and applying them systematically. Then create a user portfolio filter to tailor your view. You may always delete them and add others as you need.

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