Getting Started with Barcodes for Assets

May 17, 2016 ACS Uberflip User

Barcodes provide a fast way for technicians to find asset records within BIM 360 Ops. In the BIM 360 Ops iOS app, tap assets and search by scanning the barcode. That's it!

BIM 360 Ops supports attaching multiple barcodes to an asset record. Barcoding the system, room, and the asset allows you to find assets by system and room.

So how do you add barcodes to assets in BIM 360 Ops?

Import barcodes with assets

  • Barcodes may be added to families in Revit 2016 or equipment in BIM 360 Field. These barcodes will be exported to BIM 360 Ops with the assets
  • Barcodes may be added to the BIM 360 Ops Asset Import template

Manually associate barcodes with assets
If the physical assets have barcodes, you can associate those barcodes with an asset in BIM 360 Ops using the iOS app.

  • Open the asset record within BIM 360 Ops
  • Tap Edit
  • Tap barcode / QR code
  • Then Add from Barcode or QR code and scan the barcode
  • Back out to the main record and tap Done

What if you don’t have existing barcodes?

If you need to create barcodes, there are a couple of options. You may create and print them yourself, or you may order serialized barcodes and attach them to your assets.

To create your own barcodes, use your favorite search engine and enter: "barcode generator." The results will include several free options. You may purchase inexpensive labels from an office store or online.

To purchase ready-made, serialized barcodes, try searching for "durable barcode labels." Other good adjectives to try are rugged, outdoor, and weatherproof.

Once you have barcodes, go through the steps above to associate them with the BIM 360 Ops asset records.

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