Invite Your Occupants to BIM 360 Ops

June 1, 2016 ACS Uberflip User

Do occupants file tickets in your work order system today? Or, do they prefer to pick up the phone?

It’s not uncommon for occupants to pick up the phone. Why? It’s easier for them. Many work order systems make it difficult to file a ticket. They have multiple screens, endless drop-down menus to wade through, and ask for information that occupants don’t understand or aren’t qualified to give. It’s no wonder they choose to call. This isn’t efficient for your occupants or your staff, and it’s costing you.

Filing work orders should be easy!

BIM 360 Ops simplifies the process of filing a ticket so it’s easier for occupants than calling. One user reported that it takes only 20% of the time it used to.

To see the savings, send these steps to your occupants and invite them to submit a ticket:

  • Go to
  • Enter your email address
  • Join the portfolio: [make sure to put your *portfolio name here]
  • Verify your email address
  • Enter your mobile phone number so that we can text you an authentication code to verify your identity
  • Enter the authentication code
  • Create a ticket

Occupants may also join the portfolio using the iPhone app. Download it here and then try taking a picture or a video to include in the ticket. A picture or video will eliminate even more questions.

Next week we will write about how to customize quick tickets.

*Your portfolio name is the first part of the URL when you are logged in:

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