Sample O&M Data Specification

December 5, 2017 ACS Uberflip User

When embarking on new construction or renovation projects, it is essential to define the asset data needed by the facilities management team for operations and who will collect it. Below is an example of the Bernhard TME Engineering Operation and Maintenance Data Integration Specification.

Bernhard TME Engineering defines the data to capture for both commissioned and critical non-commissioned assets.


1. Asset Number (Facility Management Specialist)

2. Equipment ID (Commissioning Agent)

3. Equipment Category (Commissioning Agent)

4. Equipment Type (Commissioning Agent)

5. Equipment Location (Commissioning Agent)

6. Manufacturer (Commissioning Agent)

7. Model Number (Commissioning Agent)

8. Serial Number (Contractor)

9. Warranty Start (Contractor)

10. Warranty End (Contractor)

11. Installation Date (Contractor)

12. Certification Date (Contractor)

13. Inspection Start (Contractor)

14. Inspection End (Contractor)

15. Source Power Panel Name (Contractor)

16. Source Power Panel Location (Contractor)

17. Source Power Breaker Number(s) (Contractor)

18. Water Flow (submitted value) (Commissioning Agent)

19. Water Flow (max/min) (Contractor)

20. Water Temperature Set-point (design/measured) (Contractor)

21. Nominal Tons (submitted value) (Commissioning Agent)


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