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June 8, 2016 ACS Uberflip User

Do building occupants cringe when they need to report a problem to you? Are they asked to sort through a dizzying number of drop-down menus or wait on hold to tell you that a light bulb is burned out or the toilet is overflowing? What if there was an app for that?

There is. BIM 360 Ops is designed to make occupants want to create and follow-up on their own tickets. BIM 360 Ops only asks your occupants for the essentials:

  • Description
  • Priority
  • Room
  • Photos and videos

Why do occupants set the priority?

Occupants don’t ‘set’ the priority. Your managers will when they assign the ticket. Occupants indicate priority as a way to communicate how important an issue is to them. Isn’t it nice to be heard?

We ❤️ our occupants!

Did someone say photos and videos?

Absolutely! Pictures are truly worth a thousand words to your technicians. Whether your occupants use the iPhone app or the responsive website, it is easy to attach a photo or video of the problem from a mobile device or desktop computer.

Make it even faster with customized quick tickets

Quick tickets have predefined descriptions and categories. They save typing, standardize descriptions, and make it faster to assign with pre-set categorization. You can customize the quick tickets on the Settings page for All Buildings.

Ready to invite your occupants? Send them these instructions.

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