BIM 360 Admin Update – March 3, 2020

March 3, 2020 Matthew Wellstein

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you all on the state of the art for Admin in BIM 360. We’re happy to break the silence today, and announce a major improvement to the way we handle newly invited (pending) users across the BIM 360 ecosystem.

Until today, when you invited someone to a project or account in BIM 360, you would have to wait until they log in to start interacting with them. No assigning issues, no RFIs, no sharing files, and so on until the person logs in for the first time. For all intents and purposes, pending users were inaccessible until they logged in.

As of today, pending users are (in most cases) treated the same way everyone else is in BIM 360.

There’s a lot of detail hidden in that short sentence, so let’s break it down and clarify what exactly this means in context. You can now:

Document Management

  • Assign file and folder permissions to pending users
  • Assign transmittals to pending users
  • Share files with pending users
  • Add pending users to approval workflows

Cost Management

  • Award contracts to pending users and companies associated with them
  • Send documents to pending users

Project Management

  • Assign RFIs and submittals to pending users
  • Assign pending users to roles in RFI and submittal workflows
  • Add pending users as invitees or assignees for a meeting


  • Add pending users as owners or assignees for issues
  • Assign issue permissions to pending users
  • Add pending users as watchers for issues
  • @mention pending users in comments
  • See pending users in reports
  • Filter issues by assignee when the assignee is a pending user


We are working through enabling all existing pending users to take advantage of this new feature, so some folks you invited 6+ months ago may not work just yet. Stay tuned as we work through that, and continue to improve the admin experience in BIM 360!


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