Field Management Update – Daily Log Photos & Large Checklists

May 13, 2019 Shirin Arnold


The May 13th, 2019 BIM 360 Field Management update delivers the following enhancements.

  • Support for large checklists
  • Daily Log Photos

Support Large Checklists

With the recent release we have provided support for large checklists which contain over 300 items.

This latest release has made it possible for Field Management to better support your Safety Programs by ensuring we are able to support those larger checklists.

Daily Log Photos

In addition to adding notes to your Daily Logs, we now have the ability to add photos as supplement to your notes. Within the Daily Log notes widget we have added a camera icon which allows the user to add photos from their hard drive if on web or their camera/iOS library on the mobile device.

Within the Notes and Photos widget, the “Add Photos” button has been added. The newly added Add Photos button allows you to add photos from your hard drive to the Notes and Photos Widget as shown below.

Once the photos are added they can be seen within the Notes and Photos widget.

The ability to see the user who added the photo along with their company can be seen by hovering over the photo. Hovering over the photo also surfaces the menu where the option to permanently delete the photo is available. These features are available in Web only.

The ability to add photos as well as view the already added photos is also available on the mobile device as shown below.


This recent enhancement to the Field Management Daily Log feature allows you not only to describe the day’s activities in words but also supplement your activities with valuable photos.



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