BIM 360 Model Coordination Update – August 12, 2019

August 12, 2019 PaulW_ADSK

The August 12, 2019 update for Model Coordination introduces saved Views.

Saved Views

The latest release of Model Coordination makes it easier to focus coordination activities on a project subset. Views act as a shortcut to a group of models, typically aligning with a project location, which can be shared across project members to aid in multi-disciplinary coordination activities.


Views have a Name and Description, for ease of identification and stated purpose, for example Level 1 Coordination View, use for multi-discipline coordination.

Auto-filtered content

Rather than trying to consume all data for an entire coordination space, the new Views feature enables users to target their efforts to a subset of the models. When opening Views, Model Coordination automatically filters the clash results and issue data for review, action and close out.

Privacy settings

Views can be created as a Private working view for a specific member’s use, or as a Published view intended for collaboration by the wider project team. Whilst Views provide a convenient filter for users, the data they present is common across a Coordination Space. This ensures multiple users working with different Views of the same underlying data, avoid resolving the same clash group, for example, or other such double-handling.

Update views

Users (and Project Administrators) can update their own Views, whether Private or Published. Updates can include changes to name and description, change privacy settings (Private/Published), and also add or remove models from the View.


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