AU 2017: Talking Construction Safety and Wearable Tech with Triax

December 15, 2017 Adam Higgins

At Autodesk University 2017, The ConTechCrew sat down and talked construction safety, wearable tech, and BIM 360 Integration with Chad Hollingsworth of Triax.

Watch the video below to learn how wearable technology is taking the construction world by storm. 

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ConTech Quotable Quotes:

"You have all your clips that are on [workers’] belts that can tell you when they slip, trip, or fall, and can tell you what zone of the job site they’re in. Now with this new equipment tag, this will allow you to tag your equipment the same way." 

- James Benham, The ConTechCrew

"What this [equipment tag] also does is this will link to the clip on [a worker’s] belt. I can now pair a worker to a specific piece of equipment to see who’s operating it, to see if they’re certified to be operating it from a safety certification standpoint. You also get the usage statistics of how often this equipment is being used and who’s using it.

- Chad Hollingsworth, Triax

"The best thing about [the safety test] was the workers said, 'Wow, this really is a safety product' …They loved the fact that every guy was beeping and could go to their muster point."

- Chad Hollingsworth, Triax


Haven't heard how Triax is improving construction safety?

Read the ConstructionDIVE Report: Tech tools increase onsite safety

"Triax Technologies recently joined Autodesk's BIM 360 platform with its Internet-of-Things-enabled wearable tracking system, Spot-r, that monitors workers and equipment using real-time data."  - Laurie Cowen, ConstructionDIVE


Ready to see what all the buzz is about?





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