#AU2018: Must See Classes for Building Owners

September 20, 2018 ACS Uberflip User

Registration for Autodesk University 2018 is open. If you’re planning on coming, here are some courses you don’t want to miss:

BLD226522 - A Case Study: Implementing BIM 360 Ops for Arkansas Children's Northwest Hospital

In August 2015, Arkansas Children's, Inc., announced plans to build a freestanding children's hospital in Springdale, Arkansas. The new building—Arkansas Children's Northwest—includes 235,000 square feet of inpatient beds, emergency care, diagnostic services, and clinical space. The hospital's Construction and Facilities Team put together a detailed set of data specifications to streamline the handover of the building and jumpstart maintenance and operations. The goal was to have all equipment data populated in the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) by substantial completion in the fall of 2017. This enabled critical maintenance processes to be in place before completion. To realize that vision, a number of issues had to be addressed to successfully hand over data before the end of the project. This presentation will walk through planning, design, construction, the beginning of operations, and the ongoing preventative maintenance plans.

BLD226633 - Health Care Facility Maintenance Compliance Using BIM Data

The Joint Commission is a not-for-profit organization that certifies close to 80% of US hospitals. The Joint Commission surveyors determine compliance with a broad range of hospital standards, such as the environment of care, emergency management, infection control, and medication management. An important aspect of the on-site survey is the ability to satisfy the surveyor’s questions and produce corresponding documentation regarding compliance of any asset and its ongoing maintenance. With the complexities of current health care facilities, the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling)-based processes in design and construction is becoming the standard. This industry trend is something that can benefit the facilities management professionals, but in order to capture the potential value, there are certain things that need to be understood about the process and how to exploit it. In this class, we will help you understand your role as a facility owner in making sure that BIM is of benefit to you.

BLD226784 - From BIM Execution Plan to BIM 360 Ops: A Case Study of Autodesk’s Portland Office

Autodesk’s CREFTS (Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Travel, Safety, and Security) Project Team set out to deliver an all-electronic project handoff supplying the Facilities Operations Team with timely and specific information that they’d requested at project closeout. This class will describe the early steps taken during team engagement and development of the BIM execution plan to map a successful path to bring assets designed and developed in the model into BIM 360 Ops software in a useful way for the Facilities Operations Team. We will outline the steps taken, obstacles that were encountered, and how the project outcome helped shape a BIM 360 Ops project guidance document for future projects.


BLD227110 - BIM 360 Ops: Manage Your Facility's Tickets Like a Pro

In this course, the BIM 360 Ops Team will share the things your team should be doing to realize the benefits of BIM 360 Ops software. We'll show you tips for effective ticket management, how to use filters to slice and dice data while speeding up your work, how to get the most from graph views, how to schedule your reports like a pro, and much more. Learn how to get the most from the only mobile-first asset and maintenance management solution designed for the people who do the work.

BLD196186 - BIM Data . . . Owner Data . . . Are We Making Data Complicated for the Owner?

We hear and see the word "data" all the time. But what does it really mean? Does it even mean anything? Who needs data? Why do you need to collect data? Why is data important, really—it's not BIM . . . is it? Here are 4 questions that facilities managers should ask themselves: How often do you get handed the actual FM data needed for your PM program? How many hours did it take your team to populate the FM data from your last building project? Where is the data you received from your last BIM project? Where are your current operations and maintenance manuals kept and maintained? Now, think how you would deliver this data. Are you delivering this data? Do you want to deliver this data? We will explore all these options in this lecture. We will also discuss whether you need BIM to have data.

BLD226957 - Make BIM 360 Ops Pop Utilizing Matterport

Connect Reality with BIM-ality! This class will showcase Matterport scanning as an effective visualization tool within BIM 360 Ops software. We will also explore creating links to model elements to the physical site, and we’ll review layout automation, data and information linking, and site access.

BLD226800 - Smart Buildings: Utilizing Automation to Enhance BIM 360 Ops

This class will showcase what is possible when linking information from building automation systems with BIM 360 Ops software to automate building events. We will demonstrate how Autodesk's CREFTS (Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Travel, Safety, and Security) Team has linked systems to trigger tickets within BIM 360 Ops, providing quick notification to facilities operators of system events within their facility, resulting in proactive management of building events.

BLD226490 - Lessons Learned While Uploading Data to BIM 360 Ops

This class will cover 2 separate workflows uploading data to BIM 360 Ops software. Attendees will get an in-depth look at the process UCHealth employed to upload data to BIM 360 Ops directly from Revit software for the Greeley hospital project, and through BIM 360 Glue software and BIM 360 Field software for the Highlands Ranch Hospital project. As the title of this session indicates, we will share lessons learned. Attendees will get an overview of the team structure and data flow, as well as a deeper dive into how to overcome the challenges the UCHealth team encountered, such as parameter concatenation, data revision, and uploading of information changes. This course will be a combination of Microsoft PowerPoint and live demonstration, and will include Revit, BIM 360 Ops, Dynamo, BIM 360 Glue, and BIM 360 Field.

BLD223958 - Workflows to Successfully Implement BIM 360 Ops and Capitalize on BIM Visualization

The Innovative Construction Solutions (ICS) Team at Skanska USA Building recently implemented BIM 360 Ops software for one of Skanska's commercial development clients to facility manage a newly constructed luxury condominium residential tower in Boston, Massachusetts. This particular client also requested model visualization to complement the mobile-first work order management capabilities of BIM 360 Ops, and required that the ICS Team partner with Autodesk to develop an API integration between BIM 360 Ops and its existing tenant concierge software platform. In this class, ICS Team members who worked on this project will share the lessons they learned and the workflow they developed using Revit software, Navisworks software, BIM 360 Glue software, BIM 360 Field software, and BIM 360 Ops.

BLD227285 - Setting Up BIM 360 Ops for Your Owner’s Success

To achieve its potential, you should begin operating your new building on day one. General contractors and owners both have roles to play here. In this course, we’ll identify the information that is essential for operations, as well as look at how to structure the data, and how to prepare for a successful export to BIM 360 Ops software. In BIM 360 Ops, we’ll show you how to set up preventive maintenance for your most critical equipment, and how to ensure that it’s in the hands of your mobile workforce when and where they need it. Throughout the course, the BIM 360 Ops Team will share best practices learned from customers like you that make handover matter.

BLD225922 - Scheduled Asset and Building Maintenance: Easily Implement a Successful Program

In this course, the BIM 360 Ops Team will share how easy it can be implementing an asset and building maintenance plan. We’ll show how to set up a reusable schedule, assign the work, and report on the program’s effectiveness. Learn how to get the most from the only mobile-first asset and maintenance management solution designed for the people who do the work.


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