Beginner’s Guide to Using Drones for Construction Management

May 6, 2020 ACS Uberflip User

We're excited to offer you full, unfettered access to one of our most valuable resources, the ConTech Academy video courses. 

In this course you will learn how to use drones to improve the site survey, progress reporting, and inspection process, and much more:

  • Decide whether to in-source or out-source your operation
  • Choose the right equipment or partner
  • Design a program that delivers the benefits you want
  • Execute effectively on your plan, including collecting data, processing data, and making use of the data
  • Get the most out of your reports
  • Continuously improve your drone program


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Section 1: Introduction



Section 2: Drones In Construction



Section 3: Introduction to Drones




Section 4: Planning 




Section 5: Execution 




Section 6: Reporting





Section 7: Improvement




Section 8: Conclusion



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