BIM 360 Gets a New HQ

October 22, 2015 Adam Higgins

As the BIM 360 construction software family continues to grow, it is essential to connect the product line with unified account, project, partner, and user data. This unified data enables collaborative workflows across the project lifecycle, information sharing across the project team, and connected data to fuel construction insight in the future.  

To simplify and accelerate the connected future of BIM 360, we have begun rolling out unified enterprise account administration (aka BIM 360 “HQ”), starting with BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Plan.

Now, Account Admins can manage information across projects and products. You can view directories of projects, partner companies, and users…capturing data across projects and services. And you can manage your company logo and business units. 

Construction Management Software BIM 360 HQ Screenshot

Account Admins can create a project profile once that is shared across BIM 360 services. Project information like the project name, project type, ID, start and end dates, physical address, and project image is managed centrally at the enterprise level. Product specific information relevant to a project is managed by the Project Admin in the specific product. Construction Management Software BIM 360 HQ

Account Admins activate project services like Field by inviting a Project Admin. A Project Admin manages project-specific information for their area (in this example Field).  A Field Project Admin can easily copy projects, invite other admins and team members to join, manage companies, templates, checklists, and issues. 

In the end, BIM 360 HQ will accelerate your business transformation by allowing for better connected workflows across the project lifecycle, shared data across the project team, and future construction insight across your project portfolio. If you are looking for more info, please review the Transitioning to BIM 360 Enterprise Administration FAQ. Beyond that, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to post them in the section below.

Coming Soon... Project Alexandria, the newest addition to the BIM 360 Family.


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