BIM 360 Layout v1.2: Usability Updates & So Much More…

April 9, 2015 Paul Walker

Last October we challenged the current conventions tied to how modern construction layout is performed. In the past, the layout process was relegated to individuals brought-up with a survey background or field engineers with hundreds of man hour’s onsite understanding the technologies at hand. By releasing Autodesk BIM 360 Layout in partnership with Topcon and their LN-100, we provided the industry with a simple and intuitive method to tie the up-to-date coordinated project model (with layout points) from the cloud to their iPad for layout on the jobsite. We did away with today’s cumbersome, proprietary data controller hardware featuring antiquated 2D tabular workflows--- with a gesture-based iPad where all interactions are contained within a 3D model.

This model-driven layout process has allowed our customers to more easily manage the verification and location of points in the model for staking out in the field without much experience, extensive training or even layout pedigrees.

And since the launch date, we have been across the country and Europe out on jobsites with our users understanding how they are deploying and using BIM 360 Layout. These meetings have provided valuable insights, and usability cues that helped guide our workflows and user interface improvements.

We are happy to report that a majority of these improvements and enhancements have made it into the 1.2 version now available in the Apple App Store.

Here is a brief list of the new enhancements/updates within BIM 360 Layout:

  1. Layout Distance / Robot Measure tool: Measure between two model points, prism to prism locations, or model to prism locations including Horizontal, Vertical and Slope Distance, as well as visual display
  2. Optimized views to see instrument, selected point and prism as well as auto-zoom 2D & 3D viewing modes when nearing a point
  3. Project Grids and Map Navigation tool integration
  4. Collect Mode: Collect locations without point list or 'Move Prism' information
  5. Improvements to Point List filter, edit/create point fields, and delete point option added



A missing feature in BIM 360 Layout was the ability to measure distances for quick verification or “on-the-fly” staking in the field.  Version 1.2 now includes the following measurement options:  Between two model points; Prism to prism locations, or model to prism locations including Horizontal, Vertical and Slope Distance.



As with BIM 360 Glue, the new BIM 360 Layout utilizes the 2D navigation option to quickly jump between floors and locations in your model.  Oh, and we also added in the ability to view gridlines in your model!



One topic rang loud and clear during our onsite customer interactions with BIM 360 Layout:  We needed to better guide our users through the interface utilizing the various application workflows.  BIM 360 Layout now features a comprehensive library of in-application coach marks (graphical guidance over the app interface) to help our users with the numerous actions and interactions.  To see the complete library, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about BIM 360 Layout, be sure to check out the following resources:

  1. Visit our Autodesk Knowledge Center for loads of articles and helpful information
  2. See how to create point sets using Autodesk BIM 360 Layout in Glue here
  3. Interact and correspond with other BIM 360 Layout users and our support team here
  4. To view our Autodesk Construction Layout Guide, click here

The new version of BIM 360 Layout is currently available for download on the Apple App Store. Click here to download today.


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