How Drones In Construction Streamline Visual Jobsite Analytics

April 11, 2018 ACS Uberflip User

Digitalization, enabled by new technologies like drones in construction, is set to transform everything about construction, especially the costs associated with it. According to Boston Consulting Group, full-scale digitalization in the non-residential construction market would, within 10 years, be capable of producing annual global cost savings of $0.7-1.2 trillion (13-21%) on engineering and construction.And, according to McKinsey, project level digitization can reduce overall project costs by 45%.

Yet on the whole, while the design and planning phases of construction have turned largely to digitalization, the construction phase has been lagging in terms of available tools and their execution on site.

Fortunately, a new SiteAware integration with BIM 360 is closing that gap.


What SiteAware and the BIM 360 Integration Does

The SiteAware and BIM 360 integration allows companies to streamline construction with digital replica and visual analytics of their construction sites. It uses a combination of off-the-shelf drones, uniquely controlled with the SiteAware technology, SiteAware applications, and BIM 360 cloud software to provide an ongoing, up to date, visual analysis of the construction site. Here’s how.

  1. A SiteAware-controlled drone scans the construction site.
  2. SiteAware permits the user to upload scan sata which is processed into 2D and 3D models in the cloud.
  3. Data is then available for viewing, annotating, collaborating, and sharing.via a web based application
  4. With SiteAware proprietary algorithms models can be further analyzed and compared to CAD and BIM plans.
  5. Over time, new site scans are extrapolated into 4D models with automatically detecting progress and changes.

The BIM 360 integration allows any insight captured with the SiteAware Viewer to be seamlessly shared to BIM 360 and anything in the BIM 360 software to serve as an attachment, allowing for real-time comparisons between plans and current as-built conditions. Automatic change detection provides visibility into progress and validation.




Why Digitalization with Drones In Construction Matters

One of the challenges to digitalization of construction sites has been the complexity of creating accurate models and managing the massive quantities of data that come out of a construction site on a daily basis.

The SiteAware and BIM 360 integration simplifies digitalization streamlining the processes of collecting, integrating, and analyzing data.

Its powerful markup and annotation capabilities enable workers to collaborate in real time based on accurate current site conditions, to identify potential problems earlier in the process, and to collaborate on solutions.

Across industries, companies that embrace new technologies early gain a strong competitive advantage. The SiteAware integration makes digitalization highly accessible, making it a smart move for any company wanting to gain competitive advantage.



Ready to learn how visual analytics can streamline your jobsite?

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