Scheduling Preventive Maintenance and Inspections

March 29, 2018 ACS Uberflip User

Use Tasks to schedule preventive maintenance and building inspections. Here are the steps to configure a task.

Set up a Task

  • From the dashboard, tap on Scheduled Tasks
  • Add a scheduled task and write the description. Tickets created by the task will have the task description.
  • Set the repeat interval for the task. The repeat interval can be any number of days, weeks, months, or years. For a task that occurs every month and a half, choose 45 days.
  • Set create ticket before to control how far in advance the ticket will appear in the ticket list
  • Optional, configure the task category and priority, add a checklist, photos and documents. Tickets created by the task have these settings and attachments.
  • Submit the task

Associate Assets or Locations

  • Tasks may be associated with assets or locations
  • Tap Add to see a list of assets or locations for the portfolio or building
  • Use the breadcrumbs to filter to a specific building
  • Use search to filter for a category, for example, enter category (electric)
  • Select the assets or locations to associate with the task and tap Update
  • Choose Done
  • To change the associated Assets or Locations, go back to the list and tap Add/Remove
  • Make your selections, choose Update and then Done

Schedule the Task

  • Once you have associated assets or locations with the task, you can schedule the maintenance
  • Tap Add Start Dates and Assignees
  • The start date and assignee is configured for each asset or location. You can set the dates or assignees as a group by choosing Select, selecting the assets or locations you want to edit, and then tapping Edit.
  • Once you have made changes to the assignee or start date, tap Done

Look Ahead at your Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

  • When looking at the list of tasks, you will see a pivot for Schedules in the upper right corner. Use the schedules list to view upcoming maintenance and adjust the ticket due dates or assignees.
  • If you change the scheduled due date on the schedule, the next ticket created will be updated accordingly. If you update the due date on a ticket, it will have no impact on the next scheduled ticket.
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