Using ticket status

September 15, 2016 ACS Uberflip User

Use ticket status to organize and manage your work.

Open: Tickets that are not assigned to a technician have the status of Open.

Assigned: Once you assign a technician to a ticket, the status is changed to Assigned. These are tickets on which work has not begun. If a checklist template is updated and associated with an assigned ticket, the ticket will be updated with the new template.

In Progress: Once work has begun on the ticket, the status should be changed to In Progress. The ticket will not update, if checklist templates are edited.

Needs Attention: The status Needs Attention should be used to indicate that a ticket is on hold pending resolution of a blocking issue. The reasons that it Needs Attention may be defined in the All Buildings Settings page.

Completed: Use Completed to indicate that the work has been completed and is ready for review. At this point, a manager should review the ticket to make sure all of the needed details have been included.

Closed: Once a ticket has been closed, it is locked for editing and the requestor for a reactive ticket will receive an email indicating that the work has been completed. Closed tickets will be removed from the All list and not synced to the mobile device once they are older than 30 days.

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