A Look Back at 2018: Our 5 Most Popular Construction Technology Posts

January 4, 2019 Adam Higgins

As we start an exciting new year, we asked a few of our readers to tell us which of our articles from this past year that they liked best. 2018 was an amazing year to be in the construction technology business with so many groundbreaking developments, and we were proud to be able to bring you updates and keep you in the know. Our top articles highlighted some great innovations and developments, some of which you may already have seen in action.

In case you missed them, here are our top 5 articles from 2018. Did any of your favorites make the list?


7 Major Construction Technology Innovations to Watch in 2018

BIM 360 Augmented Reality BIM 360This first piece (actually from the end of 2017) is a forecast for the year, highlighting some of the most exciting technologies to watch in 2018. The piece touched on Virtual Reality in Construction, Wearable Technology, and connected worksites, just to name a few. Check out our predictions to see how we did!

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5 Ways Disconnected Construction Data is Hurting Project Performance

Disconnected-Construction-Data-1The second article is brought to us by Kristen Sylva. She goes into detail about why it’s so important to have project data connected in a digital workflow, and how being connected will save time and money. Are your projects going as smoothly as they can? Give this one a read and see what you may be missing.

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What is AI and Machine Learning in Construction? Our Definitive Answer


Manu Venugopal’s article on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning gives us a great overview on the opportunities for savings and safety with this developing technology. 2018 saw some huge leaps in the adoption and implementation of A.I. in construction technology, and the developers are just getting started. Are you getting the most out of your data?

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6 Ways Virtual Reality Construction Technology Can Save You Money NOW


Surprisingly, another of our top articles from last year was actually from the year before, but the topic is so hot that it’s still bringing in readers! Dace Campbell’s article on Virtual Reality dives right in to an emerging technology that saw huge expansion in 2018. It’s no secret that V.R. technology creates numerous opportunities on a connected worksite, and this digital tool keeps getting better by the minute. It’s no wonder this article is still getting reads!

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5 Ways Drones in Construction Can Improve Your Projects Now


Rounding out our Top-5 list is Hugh Mcfall’s piece on Drones in Construction. Hugh outlines some of the ways that drones are having a huge impact on safety, risk-management, and project monitoring. This is another area where, as the technology continues to improve, so do the benefits it brings to your business. How will tomorrow’s drones help you create efficiency and elevate your business profile?

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Looking back on 2018, we’re excited to see what innovations we’ll be talking about in the coming year. Construction Technology is already the wave of the future, and as these tool get sharper, we’ll be here to keep you ahead of the curve.


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