All New Unified BIM 360 Construction Project Management App for iPhone, iPad, and Android

May 31, 2019 Jadie Fanganello

With more than 92 percent of construction workers using smartphones as part of their daily routine, mobile devices are valuable tools for keeping construction teams aligned and moving forward efficiently. In fact, many construction companies are purchasing mobile devices for their employees to use onsite. The industry recognizes that it's more important than ever to give team members access to a construction project management app for iPhone, iPad, or Android.

So in response to this growing need for a simplified mobile experience, we are pleased to announce a new unified BIM 360 mobile app! Available for both iOS and Android devices, the new app integrates Document Management, Field Management and Project Management modules within the same intuitive interface.

This makes it easier than ever for team members to connect to a common data platform for construction data, whether they’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. From a single app, you can access and manage common boots-on-the-ground workflows, including:

1. Complete safety or quality related checklists

2. Create and edit Issues

3. View and edit Daily Logs

4. Access to plans and project files

5. Add or edit markups to any drawings or models

6. Take photos and attach to an Issue or Checklist

7. View RFI’s

Construction doesn’t happen behind a desk. Whether you are a site Superintendent or a Project Engineer, chances are you will spend a significant amount of time onsite. It is critical for teams to have the ability to access information quickly on their mobile devices, and time is always lacking.

“The BIM 360 mobile app has an easy to use interface and simplifies workflows that happen onsite. Enforcing safety on jobsites is critical and having technology that can meet the onsite needs of our safety teams is of the utmost importance.”

Mark Da Gama Rose, VDC Director, Clayco

As of today, 95% of Clayco’s projects have Superintendents using the new unified BIM 360 app. “Our teams are in desperate need of robust mobile capabilities and we are excited to see the direction the unified app is heading.”

Why waste time sitting behind a desk re-entering in an issue you spotted on your job walk or emailing a photo that gives context to a punchlist item? Instead, here are a few reasons why using a unified mobile app can help save you time and streamline your workflows:

Unified workflows ensure that all project information is consistent and easily trackable. For example, if you add an issue within the mobile app, it will appear in the desktop view anywhere that issue would show (i.e. both Document Management and Field Management would show the same issue).

A consistent mobile interface and experience simplifies the process of accessing the tools you need so you can efficiently view, edit, and share project information.

User permission levels are automatically applied when a user signs into the app.

Everything is easier and more intuitive. If you’re running an inspection and you want to create an issue, you can do it from the checklist. You can immediately open an issue and attach a photo.

Single Sync. Having a single app also means it only has to sync once.

For more information on the details of mobile capabilities please visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

Download the BIM 360 app in the App Store and Google Play.   

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