Announcing ConTech Academy: FREE Online Construction Technology Courses

November 22, 2016 Matt DePaolis

ConTech Academy Free Construction Technology Courses

Introducing... ConTech Academy!


Con-Tech. Construction Technology – get it? 


ConTech Academy's mission is to provide construction professionals of all types with FREE online, on-demand video-based technology training. By taking a real, practical stepped approach to leveraging construction technology, we can arm professionals with the tools they need to advance their careers. And with our current and future accreditation, not only can folks learn at their own pace, they can earn continuing education credit along the way! 

Our first "On-the-Site" curriculum is available now, designed specifically for general/main contractors and superintendents, site managers, field engineers, IT/VDC, project managers, and project engineers who spend their time on the jobsite, out in the field, and care about things like quality, safety, layout, and progress reporting.

Enrollment is quick, easy and FREE and our first (4) construction technology courses are available now! Here's a quick overview of what they have to offer:

1. Quality Management In The Digital Age



Learn how to construct a best-in-class digital quality management program from construction professionals whom have been there and done it. Take practical steps to digitize your defect log, build a checklist program, link it to your project plan, get collaborative with your trades and subs, and finally ensure a culture of continual improvement on your job-site tomorrow.


2. Safety With Mobile



Mobilize your site safety management program with a 5 step approach for improving your existing site safety program with mobile technology. Get site safety information in the hands of all site personnel, de-clutter the inspection process, provide greater context in your daily safety talks, leverage data analytics to identify risk, and ensure every day onsite is safer than the last!


3. Site Layout & QA With Robotics Total Stations (RTS)



This course will teach you the benefits from the efficiency and increased accuracy of robotic total stations (RTS) when staking out and then quality validating work in place. We'll arm you with some basic uses for RTS, including setup, and then cover the process of point creation, transfer to RTS for layout or validation, and then finally analysis and reporting.


4. Site Surveys With Drones



In this introductory course you’ll learn the basics of drone and sensor technology and how drones can benefit your project team across the project life-cycle, including:

  • Capturing "As-Is" conditions for use during bid, design, and pre-construction
  • Performing progressive scans throughout construction delivery to improve progress tracking and reporting
  • Documenting "As-Built" conditions at handover

If you’re looking to get educated on the latest technology to help you on your jobsite, then these courses are for you.

So why should you get started? Here are 4 good reasons…

1. Get the FREE ConTech Academy certification

ConTech Academy Construction Technology Certification

2. Learn to get ahead and advance your career

ConTech Academy Career

3. Earn continuing education credits

ConTech Academy Continuing Ed Credit

4. Download templates, practical guides, and starter packets

ConTech Academy Downloads Guides


So what are you waiting for? Enrollment is FREE, and our construction technology courses can earn you continuing education credit to advance your career.

Why Is Autodesk Doing This?

If you’re still reading this, you may be asking yourself “why is Autodesk doing this?” Simple. Because we want to give back to the construction community by helping our customers tackle the known skilled labor shortage in the construction industry, and bridge the perceived gap in technical aptitude between baby boomers and millennials.

With a Little Help from Our Friends...

Last but not least, ConTech Academy was built in partnership with a group of dedicated construction professionals, associations, and thought leaders with over 100 years of practical hands-on experience and we’d like to thank them for ensuring the courses are valuable, helpful and worth your time:


ABC-logo Big D Construction Kinsley Construction

PCL Construction TOPCON Logo Robertson Construction

ConTech Academy Construction Technology Education Web

So are you ready to...


 Still have questions about ConTech Academy construction technology courses? 

Post them in the comments below!


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