Autodesk Announces New Next-Generation BIM 360 Platform for Construction Management

November 13, 2017 Tristam Wallace

In our article, “Construction with the Power of Digital” we wrote:

If technology is to help the industry, then it needs to do more than just “tweak a process” or incrementally increase productivity: it surely must have grander aspirations. A technology strategy should help contractors attain:

  • A sustainable and predictable margin
  • A greater resiliency across and throughout the sector
  • Agility to grow and transform; and
  • A fostering of greater cooperation and collaboration between all stakeholders to deliver better outcomes for the built environment

This new technology strategy is a sizable shift from what most construction projects experience today – a fragmented, ‘app for that’, ‘better mousetrap’ collection of software that is built with a specific job in mind, not better project outcomes.


Introducing the next-generation BIM 360 platform and Connect & Construct Exchange

Working hand-in-hand with our customers, we’ve completely re-engineered BIM 360. Our next generation, BIM 360 construction platform is an all-in-one solution built around the workflows that construction projects use to build on-time and on budget.

Today, at the Connect & Construct Summit at AU, we made two announcements:

  1. The new next-generation BIM 360 platform will be made available in December for our BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Glue customers to use. Over the next few months, we’ll be gathering feedback, shipping new features and prioritizing the roadmap to support your project workflows.
  2. We launched a new partner program - the Autodesk Connect & Construct Exchange. There are currently more than 50 BIM 360 integrators and dozens more candidates in development. The exchange is a value-added resource where integration partners can showcase new applications and integrations so customers and partners have a broad choice of solutions to enhance and extend their workflow to better meet their unique construction needs.


Successful construction projects need a single source of truth


Starting today, BIM 360 Docs -- surfacing as the Document Management module in the BIM 360 platform - becomes our common data platform, the single source of truth and data repository for all your construction documentation.

Working hand-in-hand with our customers, we’ve completely re-engineered BIM 360.

We built the next-generation BIM 360 platform to simplify your projects and make your job easier.



Forge at the foundation of the Connect & Construct Exchange

The key to connecting all your construction apps with BIM 360 is Autodesk Forge.  Forge is Autodesk’s cloud developer and API platform that enables our customers and 3rd party developers to easily integrate construction apps and tools to ensure that single source of project truth – connecting workflows including preconstruction, execution, fabrication, installation and building operations.

Along with the BIM 360 platform, the new Connect & Construct Exchange provides customers with a one-stop opportunity to explore 3rd party integrations to BIM 360.


The next-generation of BIM 360 combined with the Connect & Construct Exchange enable our customers to connect the whole project like never before because now all your data is connected end-to-end.


Informed decision-making and the power of data

The vision of the next-generation BIM 360 platform is centered around connecting your project data and workflows so that it flows seamlessly between project phases. This end-to-end approach enables you to measure your progress, establish benchmarks, and extract insights through machine learning and driving continuous improvement.

By encouraging collaboration earlier in the project, providing greater transparency into changes, and ensuring data continuity, the next-generation BIM 360 platform removes the barriers of disconnection and uncertainty that plague construction projects of all sizes, and replaces those barriers with connected data and project insights that lead to more predictable project outcomes.


What can you do today?

We are excited to debut this platform this week at Autodesk University, the only event in the industry that brings together every stakeholder in the AEC industry. There is no more appropriate place to share this news, as it will impact every project stakeholder – designers, fabricators, subcontractors, general contractors, owners and more.



The next shift is here. The shift to connected data and workflows that lead to more predictable project outcomes. The shift to unlocking the potential power of data with machine learning that can measure progress, establish benchmarks and extract insights to drive not just productivity gains, but continuous improvement.

Autodesk BIM 360 is leading the charge and we invite you to join us on the journey. If you are an existing BIM 360 customer, try out the preview of the BIM 360 platform. If you’re new to BIM 360, we invite you to give it a try as well. Visit to sign-up for a trial, and start your next project with BIM 360.






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