Autodesk Builds on Forge Momentum in Construction

May 9, 2017 Sarah Hodges

The Autodesk Forge Platform is a set of cloud services that connects design, engineering, visualization, collaboration, production and operations workflows. The Forge API enables small and large software developers alike to build intuitive cloud-powered applications, services and experiences for the people making the world around us.

To date, more than 4,000+ apps and services have been created on the Forge platform across the manufacturing, construction and media & entertainment industries. Many of these support construction workflows via Autodesk BIM 360 and aid in digitizing job sites to minimize data loss as the data is shared throughout the project lifecycle, making it easier for companies to get the job done.

BIM 360 Glue on Forge platform


Leading By Example 

Autodesk invests in and partners with companies developing innovative solutions and services on the Forge Platform. JE Dunn and 3DR are two leading examples of companies using Forge for building apps and services to transform the construction industry.

JE Dunn is at the forefront of the digital revolution in construction, and uses Forge APIs for a custom build called Lens—a model-based estimating application. Lens harnesses and maximizes the value of information-rich models, combined with cutting-edge visualization technology to connect design data to elements of estimates. It brings together advanced functionality delivered through Forge, and integrates with Dunn Dashboard and Autodesk BIM 360, creating a transparent and connected ecosystem.

BIM 360 3DR Construction Site Photo and Drone


3DR, the leading drone data platform for engineering and construction, has already harnessed the Forge developer platform to build a number of key aspects of their Site Scan drone solution. 3DR will also use Forge to accelerate development of new features and deepen workflow integrations with Autodesk products including A360 and BIM 360 to provide construction professionals with an end-to-end solution for reality capture workflows in the field.

The 3DR Site Scan solution, combined with Autodesk products, enabled PCL Construction to deploy the use of commercial drones at construction sites to collect aerial data for measurement and analysis. As PCL uses Autodesk products, including AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD Civil 3D and ReMake, it was vital to have the drone solutions seamlessly work with their existing tools and workflows.

“The scalability of Site Scan, along with 3DR’s integration with Autodesk in cloud processing, will allow us to successfully implement reality capture technologies in the field,” said Bill Bennington, virtual construction manager, PCL. “This use of drones in the construction industry can help deliver value on projects with capturing key aerial data and ultimately speeding up analysis compared to traditional workflows.”


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