Avoid Costly Mistakes and Improve Construction Project Management with BIM 360 Insight

December 21, 2018 Manu Venugopal

Poor construction project management is costing you too much. According to a study by FMI Corporation, construction professionals waste 35% of their time on non-productive activities including looking for project information, conflict resolution and dealing with mistakes and rework. Rather than spending time digging through piles of RFI’s or sorting through one-off emails, what if you could have a central location to view a summary of project activities and flag issues that needed immediate attention?

With the Insight module in BIM 360, users now have relevant project information right at their fingertips. Through easy to use dashboards and reporting tools, teams are able to quickly gain visibility into project issues, assess trends and patterns and identify potential problems.


The Features of BIM 360 Insight:


The Quality tab allows users to monitor issue status, activity, root cause, and quality checklist conformance. By capturing this data teams can identify trends across projects, such as top issues/items that are causing delays and preventing them from getting meeting schedule milestones as well as priorities daily work activities to drive quality control.

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The Safety tab gives a snapshot of daily safety related issues and observations. With the ability to analyze this information at both a project level as well as companywide, teams are able to identify subcontractors and types of projects that are prone to safety risk, and makes it easier to take the correct measures to mitigate those risks.



Project Controls

The Project Controls tab gives an overview of metrics related to the Issues, RFIs, and Submittals associated with your project. Teams can easily analyze the data to measure response rates and see potential breakdowns in communication to help teams implement more efficient practices on future projects.

Construction Project Management BIM 360 Insights 2


Reports Within Insight

In addition to downloading reports directly from task specific areas, teams can also view a list of aggregated reports run by the entire team. Within the Insight module, the Reports tab shows a list of exported reports related to Issues, Checklists, Documents, Submittals, and RFIs. Users are able to directly download new or old reports as well as share those reports with with other team members, including anyone who is not a part of the BIM 360 project. This aggregated list of reporting allowing users to monitor and manage project workflows at a high level.


Project Home and the New Card Library


Personalized Analytics for Construction Project Management

In addition to the Insight dashboards, every BIM 360 user has a personalized Project Home page designed to show each project member a snapshot of a real-time “to do” list and to give project leaders a summary view of critical and actionable information on a daily basis. Within Project Home, each member can easily rearrange their page layout, hide cards, or add selected dashboard cards from the newly released Card Library.

The Card Library gives users a selection of cards, based on their access level, to add to a personalized view. For example, project leaders typically have access to more modules and granted higher permissions to see detailed analytics information within Insights so they will have access to a broader set of cards. These cards help users understand what actions need to be taken on a daily basis and give a clear picture into overall project performance.


Benefits of Card Library:

  • Customize Project Home and select dashboards within the Insight module through adding or removing cards.

  • Combine cards with information driven from the Insight module with cards from Project Home.

  • Customers with access to the BIM 360 Project IQ pilot can add those cards to Project Home.

  • Arrange cards in any configuration through interactive drag and drop customization.

Construction Project Management BIM 360 Insights 5


Understanding project risks as early as possible is key in improving project outcomes. With the BIM 360 Insight module, advanced customization capabilities as well as the Card Library, users don’t need to waste time sorting through piles of reports and emails in order to see details of project issues. Spend time on the tasks that matter and improve quality, manage project controls, and promote safety.

And the best part is, it doesn’t require any additional effort on your part. BIM 360 automatically unlocks the power of your collected data with detailed analytics in the Insight module as well as high level daily dashboards in Project Home.  Don’t waste anymore time, start using the Insights module today!

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