BIM 360 Docs: Better than ever and still FREE!

May 20, 2016 Adam Higgins

BIM 360 Docs Construction App Tablet

Faster processing, version compare and more!

If it’s been a while since you took a look at what BIM 360 Docs can do, you’re missing out.  We’re issuing product updates about twice a month, and have added a number of powerful new features.

Our most recent updates focus on helping construction project teams review and collaborate on designs -- both on and off the job site.  Combined with mobile access to all current construction project documents, plans and models, new markup, issue and comparison tools give anyone the ability to observe, note and communicate areas that need to be adjusted. 

And with both online and offline mobile app access to work with markups and issues, open conversation dialogues with comments, and assign items to users, roles or companies, the product supports an end-to-end design review workflow.

What’s new? Here’s a peek.  Want to see it for yourself?  Start using BIM 360 Docs for free!

Compare sheet versions and support for Revit hyperlinks

As designs are modified through the review process, BIM 360 Docs now offers a powerful tool to quickly identify changes that have been made from one version to another.  With the Compare Versions tool, any two versions can be stacked and aligned – clearly identified by colors – to review and confirm what changes have been made.

We have also added support for hyperlinks that are configured in Revit. Hyperlinks are maintained in models uploaded to the Project Files area.

BIM 360 Docs Compare Sheets Compare versions of sheets


PDF processing speed up to 25x faster

The #1 requested user enhancement - improved PDF processing speed - is here! At 25x faster (yes, 25x!), customers can upload PDF files in minutes.

Create, assign & comment on issues from the Web, iPad or iPhone

BIM 360 Docs Issues Web Assign issues from the web, iPad or iPhone


Design-related issues can now be executed in BIM 360 Docs from multiple devices. Here’s what it means for user:

  • Authorized users can create and assign issues associated with a sheet, whether they are online or offline
  • Users will be notified when they have been assigned and issue and can navigate directly to the associated sheet via a hyperlink
  • From any device, a user can add a comment to an issue, change the status, or re-assign the issue to another user – and offline activity is synced to the project once a user is back online

Improved 2D and 3D markup workflows

During design and constructability reviews, BIM 360 Docs provides any project team member with the ability to add comments to plans or models through a set of markup tools that includes shapes, text and color options.

  • Icon notifications let reviewers easily identify what sheets or models have markups to review, and each markup can be zoomed in on with a simple click from the markup panel
  • Once a markup has been reviewed, it can be closed and will not be visible when a new version of the sheet or model is uploaded

BIM 360 Docs 2D Markup Shape and Text New options for markup tools


These markup tools continue to improve -- here's what's new:

  • New color options in the markup creation toolbar
  • New notification icons in the thumbnail view for easy identification of sheets and models that contain markups. 

View the markup video tutorial


As you can see, BIM 360 Docs is rapidly evolving and fully committed to delivering document management purpose-built for construction projects and project teams. These powerful, new design review tools – coupled with anytime, anywhere access to up-to-date versions of documents, plans and models – will help keep your team on the same page.


Do you have any questions about BIM 360 Docs or any of these new features?

Post them in the comments below!


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