BIM 360 Field Update: Link Issues and Checklists to Equipment, & More!

September 1, 2016 Krystian Macek

BIM 360 Field Issue Management

Upgraded Issues and Checklists

Among the vast safety, quality and commissioning capabilities in BIM 360 Field, the issues and checklists features are used by superintendents, project engineers and the host of subcontractors executing work on the job site.  Issues and checklists are extremely helpful for assigning and tracking work, ensuring proper installation of equipment and keeping the job site safe.  They are also helpful for standardizing processes in support of both quality and safety programs.

We recently added a number of enhancements to BIM 360 Field -- both for the Web and iOS apps -- including:

  • Pin issues from anywhere within BIM 360 Field mobile
  • View the originating source of an issue or checklist
  • Edit photo captions in the BIM 360 Field mobile Photo module
  • Linking existing issues and checklists to equipment and tasks
  • Adding Issue List by Location and Equipment List by Type as a custom properties in reports

Pin issues from anywhere using the BIM 360 Field mobile app

Work happens outside of the trailer, and now BIM 360 Field makes it easier than ever to mark the location of an issue by dropping a pin from whatever area of the BIM 360 Field app you are working in -- issue lists, equipment issue lists or equipment checklists and task issue lists.  Providing that the issue has a location associated with it and the location has a floor plan, issue pins can be dropped directly on the plan.  This helps the team locate the specific issue that needs to be addressed.


Users can now navigate the relationships between issues and checklists to their corresponding equipment, checklist or task records.  For example, while performing the QA/QC checklist for doors and frames, lets say an issue was generated for one of the jambs. This issue can be seen under the corresponding checklist item that created the non-conformance.  With the newly added originating source functionality, users can now go to the general issue list, open the issue and click on the source to quickly navigate to the originating checklist.

Link existing issues to equipment & tasks -- and existing checklists to equipment

New functionality within the Web interface allows BIM 360 Project Administrators to link existing issues to equipment and tasks, and link existing checklists to equipment.  This update is particularly helpful when cleaning up stand-alone issues, allowing admins to re-link them to corresponding equipment.  In addition, admins can now assign an existing issue to a task for work to be completed.  

All users can now view existing source information from within the issue and checklist as well as in corresponding grids. Once linked, all users can view existing source information from within the issue and checklist as well as in corresponding grids.


New features include the ability to:

  • Link an existing issue to equipment
  • Link an existing issue to a task
  • Link an existing issue to multiple tasks
  • Link an existing checklist to equipment

Edit photo captions from the Photo module

BIM 360 Field has previously offered users the ability to enter photo captions when attaching photos to an issue, task or equipment.  We've now added the ability to add and edit captions directly from the photo module.  This feature is especially helpful when taking progress photos, allowing users to enter a caption depicting what is captured in the photo.

To access this feature, navigate to the Photo module within the app > Take a Photo > Edit Caption.

Custom report improvements

Issue List by Location and Equipment List by Type reports now support raw Excel export of custom property fields. This allows this data to be manipulated by Excel, either through standard Excel functions, or through the use of pivot tables. Additionally, users can include comments in the Excel export.Issue_List_by_Location_and_Equipment_List_by_Type__report_improvements

To include custom properties in reports:

  • Open the Issue List by Location or Equipment List by Type report
  • Select Excel (.XLS) as the output format
  • Click the "Customize Button
  • Right-click on the header to select the columns to be included in the report



We're always making updates to improve BIM 360 Field feature, so stay up to date by visiting the BIM 360 Field Release Notes page in the Autodesk Community and subscribe to the feed.

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