BIM 360 Glue: Update Roundup

November 13, 2015 Adam Higgins

Updates to our BIM 360 construction software platform are never more satisfying than when they are the direct result of customer input. Thanks to suggestions made by AECOMHolder Construction and others, we've released a series of updates for BIM 360 Glue that we think all users ought to know about. 

Here’s a roundup of them all...

Shared Views Integration with Navisworks 2016

Building on the interoperability with BIM 360 Glue, Navisworks 2016 Service Pack 3 now introduces Shared Views integration. Shared Views created in either BIM 360 Glue or Navisworks are synchronized with the project, providing real-time access across clients.

BIM 360 Glue Shared Views with Navisworks Navisworks 2016 Shared View

Shared Views created in Navisworks 2016 synchronize the view including the following attributes:

  • Object Visibility (hidden state)
  • Object Overrides (color and transparency)
  • Section Planes and Section Boxes

If you want to dive deeper into this shared view functionality, check out this short video. 

Improved Loading Times for Complex Merged Models

BIM 360 Glue desktop now provides the option to pre-fetch models, speeding up the merged model loading process.

BIM 360 Glue Improved Load Time for Complex Merged Models Improved Load Time

Pre-Filter Models for Inclusion in Merged Models

BIM 360 Glue desktop increases efficiency of working on projects with complex folder and model naming conventions.

  • Alphanumeric sorting of model folders
  • Filter models within folders, based on search terms

BIM 360 Glue Pre-filer Models for Inclusion Pre-filter Models

Do you have any update ideas for BIM 360 Glue?

Bring 'em on in the comments section below!

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