BIM 360 Team Takes Design Collaboration to the Next Level

February 7, 2017 Adrienne Bliss

Tired of not being able to markup your team's design, even when they publicly share it with you? Tired of wondering about the status of a large file upload? We’ve heard your pleas, and have some great news for you! We’ve added markups on public shares, improvements to the upload process, and numerous bug fixes that will make collaborating on designs even easier.

Markups on public share

With this enhancement, the recipient of your public share link will now be able to add markups on any shared design file, and save the markup as a screen capture. This improves cloud design sharing and makes it easier for designers and project stakeholders to communicate their changes.


Design Collaboration Users viewing the public share file will then be able to mark it up before sending it back to the designer.


Improving the Design File Upload Experience

Continuing on our initiative to deliver a rock solid upload experience, we have added improvements and bug fixes in this release.

Now, it’s easier than ever for designers and engineers to upload and share their design files with each other, helping to foster more efficient communication between teams. Some of the added improvements are:

  • Files uploads will now show progress as “bytes uploaded” instead of “files uploaded”
  • Files uploads now show four states for any upload:  Waiting, Preparing, Uploading, and Saving.

Additional improvements for Project Transfers, permissions and more:

To help project owners manage projects and team members more efficiently, we’ve made permissions easier to give as well. Now you can change “Project Contributor” access to “Viewer” or “Editor”, and allow Hub Admins to change project members' roles to Project Admin, Editor or Viewer and control their access levels and actions accordingly. This kind of flexibility in granting permissions will make it that much easier to collaborate across teams, particularly when team members are remote.

These improvements make it easier to collaborate on designs by:

  • Enabling efficient communication across across multiple teams in different offices
  • Allowing teams to share complex Revit models across offices
  • Providing a  central project repository where team members can share and review their Revit models, no matter where their team members are located.

Additionally, issues related to hub transfers, contributors, and projects containing large numbers of files have now been resolved, making the upload experience quicker and easier.

Stay tuned — we’ll be adding more highly requested features  that continue helping teams speed up their design processes soon!

☞  SUCCESS STORY: How Gensler and Corgan combined design teams in the cloud to deliver a $1.3 billion terminal expansion at Los Angeles International Airport 

Learn more about streamlining your design collaboration with BIM 360 Team.

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