BUILD X Gets A Warm Boston Welcome on a Snowy Day

April 15, 2016 Adam Higgins

BUILD X Food Truck Boston

The welcome may have been warm, but the weather certainly was not!

Cold winds and snow welcomed the Autodesk BUILD X Food Truck into Boston-area construction sites last week. The unseasonable snow began to fall as the truck rolled on to Skanska’s 121 Seaport project, but fortunately the food was beyond tasty and the coffee hot, so the crew was un-phased. 

BUILD X Skanska 121 Seaport Snow Site Web Good morning, Boston! A great way to start the day.


As the weather got tougher, the tough got going, most folks sticking it out until the end. Those that did were rewarded with giveaways, including t-shirts and Lowe’s gift cards. One lucky individual even walked away with a brand new iPad, armed with a 1-year paid subscription to BIM 360 Docs, Autodesk’s new construction document management solution.

BUILD X Food Truck Skanska Snow Web The coffee was hot, and the food tasty -- so no one minded too much.


BUILD X Continues On...

The snow only fell harder as the Build X Food Truck continued to the nearby town of Winthrop to visit the town’s under-construction new middle high school, built by Gilbane. 

BUILD X Gilbane A snowy Winthrop Middle High School construction site.


Once again, the hard hat crowd had no trouble braving the severe weather to enjoy the food truck fare. However, as the snow changed to hail, the event moved indoors. To liven things up, the BUILD X Team surprised the crew with a variety of giveaways. which were well received by all.

BUILD X Gilbane Raffle copy Glad to be indoors, the BUILD X Team surprised the crowd with giveaways.


A warm welcome, yes. A warm day, certainly not. In the end, everyone had fun, got fed, and learned a little more about each other, which was the ultimate goal of the day. A big thanks to Skanska and Gilbane for having us on-site!

We'll be showcasing all the projects visited during the BUILD X Boston Tour (includes these two), so check back soon for a deep dive on the projects themselves!

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