Construction Apps BIM 360 Field and Integrate to Improve Quality

February 24, 2017 Adrienne Bliss

Construction Apps BIM 360 Field Smartvid.ioDon’t you wish some aspects of safety inspection and risk management could be automated to help create a safer jobsite? Having trouble finding a needle in a haystack of site photos within your construction apps so that you can add context to an issue? 

Or tired of having to schedule coordination meetings to go over issues that could have been solved if the team could just look at the same image at the same time? 

When 2 Construction Apps Integrate

 Then we have good news for you, because the BIM 360 Field app integration makes life easier! No need to manually sift through folders of files. will automatically pull out photos and videos from BIM 360 Field and make all images and videos searchable, making it easier and more efficient for teams to identify jobsite safety issues and other risk factors.

The integration of the two construction apps also means no more struggling to toggle between them when you should really be spending your time doing something else.

What the and BIM 360 Field app integration can do for you Field app integration

 With the integration of these two construction apps, teams will be able to collaborate on the images and videos, commenting on each image and even within individual video frames. Tagging can be manual or automated, which makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for in a vast photo or image inventory.

Being able to comment on individual frames means issues can be looked at and commented on in great detail, helping to get at the root of the problem and helping to ensure that fixes will stick. 

How to get started

  • Those new to BIM 360 Field should start by signing up for a free trial. Current users and trialers can get started by signing up for a trial.  

  • Set up an integration at the project level by entering your BIM 360 Field login and choosing what content to integrate with. And that’s it -- it takes less than 90 seconds to set up!

  • Your BIM 360 Field photos automatically flow into and become searchable via image recognition, thanks to the internal engine “VINNIE”.

  • All synced photos are organized into weekly views and can be shared with others in your organization, both individually and as groups of pictures.


Interested in trying BIM 360 Field for yourself?


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