Construction IQ Now Available for BIM 360 Field Management Users

September 6, 2019 Manu Venugopal

Construction data is a hot topic in the industry right now. We spend hours every day putting information into various project management applications. Whether it is adding an RFI to a project drawing or completing a safety checklist on a mobile device, data is being captured every minute.

Now we know all of this data is important, we just don’t always know what to do with this massive amount of information to really start reaping the benefits. 

PARIC Corporation, a full service construction firm based out of St. Louis Missouri, sees the value of leveraging their data by implementing some of the BIM 360 prediction and analytics capabilities including Construction IQ. 

“We’re starting to look at all of the data being collected through BIM 360 and figure out how we can get actionable insights,” said Andy Leek, VP of Technology and Innovation at PARIC. “Through the Construction IQ dashboards we can now see where the contractor risk is, and start to glean some insights out of it.”

Initially PARIC used the Construction IQ dashboards as a gut check. For example, Leek notes that teams may know on a high level that a Subcontractor on a project might have challenges that need their support to resolve. However, by using the risk dashboards powered by Construction IQ, PARIC is now able to get actual visibility into those specific issues driving higher risk scores and also see any other subs with high risk scores that need attention. 

Image 1Construction IQ, PARIC gives visibility into those specific issues driving higher risk scores. Photo courtesy of PARIC


Added Support Leveraging Data from Field Management Module Data with Construction IQ

Image 2With Construction IQ, PARIC and other BIM 360 Field users are able to harness the power of their construction data. Photo courtesy of PARIC


With the initial release of the Construction IQ preview, PARIC and other BIM 360 Field users were able to start harnessing the power of their data. But now we are thrilled to expand the preview of Construction IQ capabilities to anyone using the BIM 360 Field Management module. 

This means that more teams can start gaining valuable insights into project performance as well as the ability to actually use machine learning based tools to predict outcomes. So how does this benefit you?

  • Increased risk mitigation - Project Leaders can now leverage Construction IQ to identify high risk issues as well as subcontractors carrying risk on their next gen Field Management projects. With deep links to Field Management, Project Leaders can immediately take action on the identified high risk issues.
  • Insights into cross-project views - Executive users can visualize a cross-project snapshot of project risk levels to better prioritize which projects need attention. In this view, Executives can see a complete unified visual of all projects including those usingBIM 360 Field and the Field Management module.
  • Enhanced integration - With this release, users are now able to have a more integrated experience by having all project information stored across a unified platform. No more segmented data, view all project insights in a single location!
  • Deep linking - now that Construction IQ is available across the BIM 360 platform, users can see the benefits of deep linking around issues. Machine learning capabilities of Construction IQ can now read and learn from all of the information generated through the creation of issues to support even better prediction and analytics outputs. 


Watch Construction IQ In Action:


“It all comes back to the idea of this single source of truth,” says Leek. “With Construction IQ ,I think we're going to have enhanced insights for taking daily action and risk mitigation and be able to do more comparative analysis on projects. We initially focused our use of Construction IQ on a more project-by-project basis, and really trying to enable teams to be proactive, as opposed to being reactive.”

“As we look a little farther out, though, we're really looking to Construction IQ to help with cross-project information so we can look across all of our jobs to understand more of what's going on with those projects. And having Construction IQ now supporting projects where we use the Field Management module is critical in making that level of aggregate data available.”

More and more customers are benefiting from the power of Construction IQ, by gleaning insights and patterns that minimize risk, reduce safety incidents, mitigate quality related issues, and provide better oversight into overall project performance. Developing tools that truly help our users is key, and we can’t wait to continue to find ways to make your data work to your advantage. 

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