Cutting Edge Clash Detection: 4 New Features in Navisworks 2019

April 23, 2018 Tristam Wallace

Our customers rely on Navisworks to provide industry leading clash detection throughout the construction process. With holistically integrated models and data, Navisworks allows you to accurately identify and resolve clashes before construction begins to better control project outcomes. With more than 60 file formats supported, it is already the industry’s most effective coordination engine. And now, we’re making it even better.

As technology solutions are trending towards automated solutions with mobile accessibility, we are setting the pace with Navisworks by developing integrations with cloud tools like BIM 360 Glue to help improve clash detection workflows. By using BIM 360 Glue in parallel with Navisworks, teams are able to reduce the amount of time spent manually sorting through clash detections by using the cloud to crowdsource coordination amongst all team members, regardless of software ability and access, to avoid clashes before coordination meetings.

The integration with BIM 360 Glue also allows you to access models, created in Navisworks, on the jobsite.

"BIM 360 and the tablet have become part of my life. This way, I can always see which points are still open at the construction site and, if something is not okay, I can capture it immediately. And the paper shop? That's history."
Ben Farla,Construction Site Manager, Dura Vermeer

In addition to building upon integration tools, we understand the value of Navisworks as a tried and tested clash detection solution and will continue investing in making sure it stays up to date to meet your daily workflow needs. You said you wanted better IFC support, faster clash detection, highlighted section cut-outs, and support for IDGN files. Our latest release, Navisworks 2019, delivers.


Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 1.03.10 PM


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1. Better IFC Support

Your ability to exchange information among software platforms is important to your preconstruction and construction process. You told us that you wanted more and better IFC support within the Navisworks environment, and we listened. In Navisworks 2019, customers will find that information sharing among platforms is faster and easier than ever before with improved IFC support improving collaboration with subs and other stakeholders.


2. Faster Clash Detection

Navisworks 2019 now enables multi-threaded clash calculations. For contractors using multiple core processors, this can mean an improvement in clash detection speeds of up to 11 times, depending on the number of cores in use.

Clash detection graph


3. Highlighted Section Cut-Outs

We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on this new feature. It allows you to more easily visualize sections with cut plane highlighting. When communicating complex coordination issues with project team members, clarity is key.  You told us we could do better here, so we worked with you to understand how and this was the solution – helping teams to understand the context, without compromising the performance that make Navisworks a market leader.



4. Support for IDGN Files

Customers with infrastructure projects asked us to add a loader for IDGN files, so this is the beginning. We’re excited about this addition, and wanted to get it into your hands so we can continue to improve upon it. We’ll be updating this feature regularly to ensure it meets your needs based off active feedback from the community  For now this beta loader is an optional conversion (accessed from the global options) – we’re encouraging teams to give it a try and send us the feedback, in exactly the same way as we brought the new IFC loader to market. When you tell us its ready, we’ll make it the standard, until then you can choose when it will be used. Power to the people.


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We’re thrilled to offer these new features in Navisworks 2019 without compromising the quality, stability, and efficient workflow you rely on. We will continue to build on these releases over the coming year in a sustainable manner based on your feedback. We’ll also be focused on building its functionality to operate seamlessly in a cloud environment.

We look forward to your feedback.

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Cutting Edge Clash Detection: 4 New Features in Navisworks 2019
Cutting Edge Clash Detection: 4 New Features in Navisworks 2019

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