DESTINI Construction Estimating Software Builds Powerful New Integration

May 24, 2018 Josh Cheney

Construction cost estimating is complex and time consuming. Even when drawings and models are managed digitally in construction estimating software, estimation requires hours of detailed manual take-off and careful calculations. If something in the drawings or models changes, the change can impact the cost estimate, leading to more time-consuming effort to track down what is impacted and to recalculate the result. To make matters worse, with traditional cost estimating, there was no easy way to keep up with these changes.

And you can’t afford to get this wrong. Mistaken cost estimates can cause you to lose the bid, or, if you do win it, tank the project, cause frustrating setbacks, and destroy your profitability and your reputation.

A new integration between Beck Technology's DESTINI Estimator and Autodesk BIM 360 changes the game. The integration allows estimators to connect to BIM 360 from within Estimator and access data from models and drawings hosted on BIM 360. The data can be applied to working estimates in Estimator without the need to open additional software programs or leave the estimating platform, and changes to the design automatically update the cost estimates.


Here’s How the Integration Works

DESTINI Estimator provides a simple, drag and drop interface for take-off and estimating. Inside Estimator, users can manipulate drawings and models for estimating purposes, assigning estimates to specific features, and grouping features like with like to manage bulk costing.

destini-construction-estimating-software-body-1DESTINI Estimator integrates with Autodesk BIM 360 to keep models automatically up to date


This means you don’t need special graphics software or heavy-duty hardware in order to use 3D models for estimating. And with the new integration with BIM 360 Docs, estimating just got even easier and better.

Instead of downloading models into Estimator for manipulation, the integration allows users to interact directly with the BIM 360 3D model right inside the estimate view. This means that the user always has the most up to date model, and that any changes that are made to the model automatically update to the cost estimate.

Among other functions, the integration allows users to map quantities to model elements so that when the elements update, so do the quantities and estimates. You can then view mapped portions only, or view unmapped portions only.

This makes it easy to see which portions of the project have not yet been estimated, and to deconstruct the model piece by piece until take-off is complete.

Additionally, the integration permits comparison of models to see what has been added, modified, and removed, along with the affected costs. The models can be filtered to show only those items that have been changed that have a cost associated with them that has also been changed. This makes it very simple to manage the cost estimates associated with plan changes.


Watch DESTINI Estimator + BIM 360 in Action


Watch the full presentation for DESTINI Estimator + BIM 360 + PARIC with Andy Leek


Why We Integrated Construction Estimating Software

The integration with DESTINI Estimator is part of a larger ongoing effort to listen to our customers and provide you with the features and functions you need to improve the way you work. We listened to feedback from you as well as feedback from a dedicated group of Estimator users, and developed the integration to serve your needs.

“What our industry needed was an intuitive estimating platform with a strategic BIM 360 integration,” says Andy Leek, Director of Virtual Design and Construction for PARIC Corporation. “Being able to use one platform to efficiently access current project data, without having to export and import external files, enables near real time accuracy within integrated teams. DESTINI Estimator is the only truly integrated estimating platform for forward-thinking preconstruction teams.”

We’re proud to offer this new integration, and we look forward to your feedback. 


Ready to see the power of DESTINI Estimator and BIM 360 in action?

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