Don't Just View Files, Collaborate with BIM 360 Team

August 25, 2016 Lior Gerling

Collaborate with BIM

Collaborate with BIM

BIM 360 Team is much more than a file viewer. If you are looking to simply view files, check out the free A360 viewer. If you are ready to do more, and collaborate with BIM, read on...

BIM 360 Team is, at its core, a collaboration platform for architects, engineers, and their project stakeholders to centralize project information and activity in a single online workspace. Yes, you can view files, but you can also markup, comment, and interact with over 100 2D and 3D file types. Share files with team members and collaborators in a central digital location.


BIM 360 Team Demo (~6min)


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“It's not just folders and files, it's discussions, comments, wikis—it's an entire project; a complete database.”

- Lior Gerling, BIM 360 Team Product Manager

Viewcube navigation


Viewcube navigation enables users to easily explore different perspectives of the model in the immersive viewer. Users can rotate the cube in the upper right corner of the viewer in BIM 360 Team, and watch the model mimic that navigation.

Users can comment on and markup 2D and 3D drawings and models with a myriad of tools, including freehand drawing, pre-created shapes, text, and more. You can even comment directly on a point or object.

File and component search

BIM 360 Team is way more than data storage and file viewing, it’s a complete dataset of the project. So much so, users can search for files and specific components within those files. BIM 360 Team includes project metadata so that users can easily access project information within a simple search bar.

BIM 360 Team on-the-go

In addition to the web application that’s available via virtually any browser, BIM 360 Team users have access to Android and iOS mobile applications for tablet or smartphone. These mobile apps tout collaboration capabilities including commenting, markup, file and component search, and viewcube navigation, among many others.

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