Getting started with Lean Construction

September 18, 2015 Tristam Wallace

IMG_3553Lean construction practices are gaining traction among general contractors who are looking to eliminate waste of resources on construction projects, and in turn complete projects faster and more profitably. But, for many contractors, the process for managing construction projects remains centralized, with the superintendent taking a command-and-control approach to setting the schedule for how and when work is to be completed. What's holding the rest of the industry back? One reason is the perception that deploying lean construction practices in a production planning process is a major undertaking.  It does take work, but we're here to help.  As a start, we've published an eBook for project teams who want to get started with production planning. This guide outlines the five key steps to the production planning process and provides helpful exercises that include questions to help you assess where your project team stands.

  • Step 1: Pull/phase plan - determining the sequence of work that must occur to achieve the milestones in the master schedule
  • Step 2: Look-ahead plan - identifying roadblocks and controlling the resolution of them
  • Step 3: Weekly work plan coordination - gaining a reliable commitment of what will be done during the next week
  • Step 4: Daily check-ins - performing regular check-ins to keep the "accountability workflow" current
  • Step 5: Review and improvement - learning from failures and create action plans for improvement 

To learn more how cloud and mobile tools can help promote even greater efficiencies in production planning, talk with us about Lean Construction and BIM 360 Plan.  


Start realizing the benefits of production planning and lean construction today!

Download our free Getting Started with Lean Construction Guide for tips and more:



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