How Construction Companies are Overhauling the Jobsite with Digital Technology

December 2, 2019 Niamh Conlon

When you’re dealing with massive construction projects overseen by scores of project managers and swarms of subcontractors—all dealing with highly intricate details and a deluge of documents—there are numerous opportunities for snafus. 

Today, digital technology is often the difference between success or failure in large construction projects. Teams depend on digital collaboration and file sharing to ensure speed, accuracy, and security. However, if a consumer-oriented content platform technology is used, rather than one  built for business, there may be a few cracks in your efficiency foundation.

Here are the differences between the two options:


The Painful Truth About Consumer-Based File Sharing


Consumer-based file sharing solutions are quite pervasive in the construction industry  and have progressed over the past few years with feature upgrades and security add-ons. However, there are often issues:

  • Inconsistent jobsite connectivity. Access to the latest design files is near impossible when Wi-Fi is spotty and your file-sharing app freezes every time a user clicks save.
  • Collaboration bottlenecks. Project teams are unable to securely collaborate on files between the jobsite and trailer. While specialized workflow apps can add significant value, they can also create data silos that slow things down.
  • Inefficient file sharing. Contractors don’t always getting access to the content they need due to the use of multiple unapproved file sharing solutions.

The bottom line is consumer file-sharing tools can be inefficient and costly. 


A Content Management Platform for the Construction Industry 


A successful business content platform provides construction companies integration with productivity tools and customized apps, allows secure collaboration, and complete data governance.  Egnyte’s platform allows construction companies the ability to build a customized platform designed to meet their specific needs. Egnyte integrates with leading productivity tools like G Suite and Office 365, as well as construction-based tools like Procore, Raken, Smartbid, FotoIN, Autodesk BIM 360 and PlanGrid. Egnyte partnered with Autodesk on several construction applications:


  • PlanGrid, an Autodesk Company:  This provides construction teams with a mobile platform where they can access and contribute to one master set of plans. Integrated into Egnyte, these plans can be directly uploaded from Egnyte and later archived in Egnyte. 
  • Autocad and Forge:  You can launch an A360 viewer directly from Egnyte. This allows users to access, update, and create new files from the AutoCAD environment. Users can save drawings back to Egnyte for enhanced file sharing and management.
  • Revit Integration - Coming Soon 


The benefits of a built-for-business content platform like Egnyte and the ecosystem it supports are limitless. To learn more about these benefits, check out our free e-Book, “A Digital Foundation for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collaboration.”



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