How Reconstruct Provides Transparent Digital Truth For Construction Project Performance

October 18, 2019 Nicolas Arnold

Tracking installed work on a jobsite has been predominantly done manually on paper drawings. This is not only imprecise, error prone and time-consuming, but also difficult to verify and to share with others. Tracked progress on paper is not usable digitally, which also delays the information flow. Many days or weeks can pass until the relevant information has reached the appropriate stakeholders.  This ultimately accrues unnecessary cost by the time a decision is made. Clearly, this just doesn’t work anymore.

ReconstructTM is a Visual Command CenterTM that provides a simple visual representation of all stages of construction project performance, including progress, productivity, and risk that results in better planned work activities and site production rates.

For owners and lenders, Reconstruct provides indisputable truth and transparency by connecting design to real-time physical progress tracking.  This is crucial for verifying payment applications and understanding the schedule.   

For architects and engineers, Reconstruct 1) provides the ability to compare design vs. reality and 2) expedites the RFI process.

For general contractors and trade partners, Reconstruct provides onsite schedule progressing, and enables schedule coordination and schedule risk assessment. This results in a transparent digital truth throughout the project duration.

Reconstruct is easy to use and can be set up in 3 simple steps. 

Reconstruct ingests:

  1. 2D design drawings and/or 3D BIM models
  2. Indoor and outdoor reality captures, whether by drone, 360 degree camera or phone camera
  3. Schedule

By combining these three elements, Reconstruct provides a 3D timeline that is visual and actionable.


Project stakeholders can easily see which parts of the project are on schedule and which are delayed. The root causes for the delays are accessible through Reconstruct. Project teams can also look into the future and spot any schedule risks based on the historic data provided to the system. 


Reconstruct’s central tool is the web-based Viewer, an application which is based on the Autodesk Forge Viewer. The Reconstruct Viewer is able to display point clouds which are reconstructed based on the 360 degree footage. The point clouds are utilized to align 360 image content to the BIM model. With this technology, Reconstruct can overlay model, point clouds, and images, thus creating an augmented reality experience.

Construction teams that use Reconstruct have reported the following benefits*: 

  • 30% reduction in time to report field level progress
  • Zero change orders from subcontractors
  • 50% reduction in site visits by project executives

For more information on Reconstruct, watch this 1 minute video or read about our case study.


Watch an Introduction to Reconstruct


*As described in our latest case study with Kajima Building & Design Group.

*The color coded images are for illustration purposes only.

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