How Rhumbix Construction Cost Management Workflows Seamlessly Integrate With BIM 360

May 7, 2019 Josh Cheney

Earlier this year we announced the coming integration between Rhumbix and BIM 360’s new Construction Cost Management module. With both companies striving to connect the field and the office with seamless information flow and digitized project data, the integration is a great match to bring field-level data when and where you need it.


The BIM 360 Construction Cost Management Module Is Now Live

Last November at the AU Connect and Construct Keynote, Autodesk announced the new Construction Cost Management module in BIM 360. Since then, it has been in limited pre-release, but we’re happy to announce that the module is now live for all BIM 360 users!

Cost Management is a new module in the BIM 360 platform containing functionality to help project teams plan their project budget, visualize cost-related risk, and manage change order processes. BIM 360 users can use the module to track budgetary changes, coordinate change orders, and understand the financial impact of each change to the project's bottom line.

Construction cost management can make or break projects, with efficient cost control critical to ensure that cash flow is balanced and changes are accounted for and paid on time. This is why the BIM 360 team has built the functionality so users can manage all cost-related construction activities in one place.

These powerful features are designed to bring greater control and fluidity to your project, increasing efficiency and minimizing risk and help you deliver quality results, on time and within budget.



Rhumbix is a single source of truth for field data, digitizing construction workflows and creating immediate visibility for all stakeholders.


Time & Materials Tracking with Rhumbix

Rhumbix is a single source of truth for field data, digitizing construction workflows creating immediate visibility for all stakeholders. Rhumbix’s Field Intelligence Platform™ aims to move the industry away from updating and creating static documents and towards creating structured field data by collecting and digitizing data from paper-based workflows.

Rhumbix’s Time & Materials Tracking software provides one dashboard for General Contractors and Subcontractors to track all of their T&M tickets in one location. The software helps keep everyone on the same page by eliminating late and lost T&M tags and providing professional-quality T&M summaries with consistent pricing, supporting documentation, and approvals. This allows contractors to stay on top of all directed out-of-scope work to ensure it is completed correctly, and use data to eliminate discrepancies between change order logs, T&M work, and remaining balances.


Watch Autodesk's Josh Cheney and Rhumbix's ConApp Guru discuss the power of the new construction cost module in BIM 360




Field-Level Visibility and Change Order Management with BIM 360 and Rhumbix

Now with the Rhumbix and Autodesk BIM 360 integration, you can easily put your field level data to work. In this integration, Rhumbix's Time & Materials Tracking software is integrated with Autodesk's BIM 360 Cost Management module to help General Contractors and Subcontractors better manage their T&M (aka “field change order”) process via a cloud-based paperless solution for reporting, tracking, and approving T&M tags.

Users can create, approve, and monitor field-generated change orders in Rhumbix, then surface that data in BIM 360 and layer in the costs of change work from field-work orders. They can also leverage existing BIM 360 project data to quickly and easily create new Time & Material tags, pull in supporting documents and images from BIM 360 to clearly document work, and share T&M tags to provide increased visibility and transparency between contractors.

By ingesting data from Autodesk’s Cost Management module, only approved cost item numbers will be passed to Rhumbix, ensuring that all tags are categorized correctly with the proper supporting documentation. Autodesk users will be able to see the details (hours, equipment, materials, money) involved for T&M tags inside of the Potential Change Order (PCO) module of the BIM 360 Cost Management tool. This allows for transparency and understanding of what the true costs of a PCO are.

By pulling more field data into BIM 360, users have better visibility into what is happening on the jobsite, and better measure and manage change orders in the field.


To learn more about Rhumbix's integration with BIM 360, click here

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