How The New Daily Logs Feature Can Enhance Your Construction Project Management

August 7, 2019 Shirin Arnold

Anyone who’s ever worked on an active construction site understands the unique challenges that each day brings. Unexpected weather issues, labor fluctuations, and other factors can all impact the actual work that is completed on any given day and can add to the overall stress of construction project management

That’s why it’s so important to document project details on a daily basis. You just never know when this historical snapshot will provide a valuable reference point for explaining a schedule delay to an owner or reconciling a subcontractor’s invoice with actual labor activity.

With recent enhancements to the Daily Logs feature, it’s easier than ever to accurately document, organize, share, and quickly locate any recorded site activity for a specific day or date range.

Users with the right permissions can describe weather conditions, detail labor metrics, upload photos, and add progress notes to create daily project snapshots that are easily accessible whenever you need them. If heavy rainfall negatively impacts work on a certain date, for example, you can chronicle how the weather conditions affected daily construction activities.

Unlike paper-based logs or point solutions, BIM 360’s Daily Logs provide an aggregated view of site activity that can be quickly referenced, edited, and shared with others. This historical project record is a single source of truth for specific details about the project. It can also be used to fulfill contractual obligations and in some countries is actually required by law to meet compliance standards.

Recent Daily Logs enhancements enable you to:


1. Set permissions for viewing and editing content

The ability to set permissions for viewing and editing content ensures that the right people, from the right companies, have access to information and only the most accurate information is being added. 



2. Add photos

Create a more comprehensive perspective of daily project activities by uploading photos to supplement progress notes. You can add images from a computer hard drive or camera/library on a mobile device.

Add Photos


 3. Add notes

Sometimes the labor hours or weather added to a Daily Log doesn’t tell the whole story. With the ability to add notes, users can clarify specifics about activities that occurred on a given day allowing for a better reference guide for the future. 

Labor Notes


4. Copy a previous day’s logs to streamline the process

Rather than starting each Daily Log from scratch, you have the option of copying information from a previous entry. This can be a helpful way to streamline the process if labor metrics and activities are consistent on a certain day of the week.

Copy from Previous


With the new updates to Daily Logs teams can simplify the process of adding information and create an easy to find repository. We’re all about making things easier, so we are thrilled to make this a useful feature and take more steps towards minimizing paper based workflows and centralizing project information. 

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