How the New Istanbul Grand Airport Used Construction Software to Maximize Savings and Efficiency

July 20, 2018 ACS Uberflip User


IGA, the firm formed to construct and operate the new Istanbul Airport, has a 25-year plan for operations and sustainability. Their goal with this project has been to propel Turkey onto the World stage as a global hub for aviation and shine a spotlight on Turkey’s commercial and tourist potential.


With a slated release date of October 2018, IGA is busy working on the new Istanbul Airport


As digital tools become more prevalent in workplaces around the world and collaboration becomes the top tool for bringing large-scale projects to completion in the ever-changing world of construction, we see more and more inspiring examples the power of construction software. The integration of data and workflow solutions is bringing savings and efficiency to firms throughout the industry.

In order to meet the demands of time, complexity and quality, the stakeholders embraced connected BIM and a connected digital environment to integrate the Design, Engineering and Construction phases of the project. They used BIM 360 to integrate data from individual modeling environments to provide a single platform for project management, giving access to the right data at the right time with the right quality for all the stakeholders.


Learn how IGA implemented cutting edge construction software.

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Using Construction Software to Overcome Challenges

The biggest challenge to implementing connected BIM on such a large scale project in Turkey was the cultural change. Transforming the way people collaborated and getting all of the stakeholders to embrace new technology into their processes was key for this complex project. The success of the project has been a major driver of change and integration for the Turkish construction industry. The long term goal for the future of this unique and complex facility is to integrate construction information and operational data, using connected BIM as the main management platform across the life cycle of this project, providing huge benefits in time and cost savings over the next 25 years.

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Utilizing a connected digital environment across the life cycle of the project was vital in bringing the complex project to completion on time and within budget. Being able to work on design, engineering and construction processes in parallel provided a significant time savings and added confidence in bringing the airport into operation quickly and with high quality. Integrating the dataflow of the design and engineering phases helps eliminate issues and discrepancies before construction begins. Carrying the utilization of BIM environments forward into the operational phase of the facility, the Istanbul Airport project will continue working with the BIM data for real-time evaluation and integration of the lifecycle requirements of the airport’s many systems. 

“Utilizing connected BIM from construction to operation with the right skillset and the people transformation provided us a very quick return on investment for making the airport operational.”OZAN KOSEOGLU, CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER- IGA ISTANBUL NEW AIRPORT


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