Looking Back on 2017: Our 5 Most Popular Construction Management Posts

January 5, 2018 Jon Mehlman

As we head into the new year, we checked in with readers to see which of our articles were most popular in 2017. Because we love both future technology and practical applications, we were excited to learn that our most viewed posts on this blog were all about using the year’s cutting edge technologies to improve construction management and overall performance in the industry.

In case you missed them, here are our top 5 articles from 2017. Did any of your favorites make the list?


1. Why Your Construction Company is Really in the Business of Construction Technology

Business of Technology and Construction Management

This thought piece by Pete Billante explores how the industry has changed in the past few years, and why construction companies must embrace their new role as technology companies.

He discusses big industry problems, like how you’re taking on more risk than ever before, how owners expect more for less than ever before, and how your competition is sneaking ahead of you with the use of cutting edge technologies. Then he lays out a vision for how embracing the technology shift can push your company into the lead.

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2. It's a Trap! 4 Constructability Review Traps That Create Rework

Avoiding Pitfalls for Construction Management

Constructability reviews are a critical component of a successful project, yet many companies are getting it wrong. In this piece, we lay out the four most common traps construction companies fall into during the constructability review process, and how it’s costing them massive amounts of money, time, and headache. Then, to take some of the sting out, we show you the steps you can take to get out of those traps asap.

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3. The Beginner’s Guide to Using Drones for Construction Management

Using Drones for Construction Management

Five years ago, almost nobody could have predicted how widespread and indispensible the use of drones (UAVs) would become to construction management. In this piece, Adam Higgins lays out a detailed blueprint for construction companies to use in planning their deployment of drones. He outlines the potential benefits to be gained, the uses for UAVs at each stage of the construction cycle, and a step by step guide to planning, selecting, and deploying your first construction drones.

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4. The Future of Construction Innovation

The Future of Innovation and Construction Management

For many of us, it feels like the future of construction is already here. Drones, robotic total stations, augmented reality, and 3D models in the palm of one’s hand feel to many of us like something out of a sci-fi movie. But the reality is that the pace of innovation is set to increase yet again, to a truly breakneck rate. It’s possible you won’t even recognize the construction site of five years from now.

In this piece, Pete Billante discusses four technologies that are set to change the face of construction in the near future, and what construction companies can do now to prepare for them. While some of these technologies have already become mainstream in the six months since we published this (we told you!), the piece is still relevant as we move into 2018 and all that it will unfold.

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5. Autodesk Announces New Next-Generation BIM 360 Platform for Construction Management

BIM 360 Construction Management Announcement

This piece surprised and delighted us when it made it into the top five from 2017. Published near the end of the year, this piece by Tristam Wallace generated an incredible amount of interest as we announced our next generation platform for construction management.

In it, he discusses the new and exciting features and opportunities our platform now offers, and the benefits construction companies can expect to gain. We’re thrilled that so many people read this announcement, and even more thrilled about what we can do for our users in 2018 and beyond.

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2017 might be over, but the future of construction management is just getting started. And we thing it looks very bright from here. 


Are you ready to take your company to the next level in 2018?

Take it from our readers and give the new BIM 360 a try today.





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