Why One New Construction Technology is a Reality Capture Game-Changer

March 30, 2018 Josh Cheney

Imagine a super and an owner walking through a building under construction. As these hypothetical folks walk, they see an icon on a beam notifying them that there is an issue that needs resolving. They approach the icon and are provided with all of the relevant information right there in the context of the site. From there, they can open up floor plans, see the site at different stages of construction, and add notes to the issue.

Recent innovations in new construction technology and reality capture have made this scenario more real than you may realize, and more game-changing as well.


How this New Construction Technology Works


Image courtesy of HoloBuilder Inc.

Holobuilder is a 3D Reality Capture construction technology for teams that use 360 degree photos to create a virtual environment that can be interacted with in several practical ways.

Combined with either a floor plan or a grid pattern, it creates a virtual walk-through environment. The Holobuilder integration with BIM 360 allows users to mark up the environment with issues and other information which can be accessed in real time by other users directly inside Holobuilder’s interactive environment, as well as within the BIM 360 platform.

As the project progresses, so does the 3D environment. Based on the latest photos, the virtual environment updates to reflect the current state of the project. Users can flip through older levels to see how the project has progressed over time


Why not SEE how HoloBuilder works?

Watch the ConTechCrew at AU interview 

Video courtesy of HoloBuilder Inc. 


How Holobuilder Builds Trust & Improves Collaboration

Accurate virtual walkthroughs can be substantial time savers for supers and others with a stake in the project’s progress. But the benefits don’t stop there. This new construction technology also delivers:

  • Greater collaboration
  • Greater trust

Greater Collaboration. Everyone on the job site, in the trailer, and in the office, from designers to engineers, to owners, to contractors, to trades, can see exactly the same views and the same information in real time. The interface also permits real time communication via issues and markups, making it simple to get everyone on the same page.

“Holobuilder builds trust and collaboration. It brings everybody onto the same page, from the super to trades, you can see how the site looks in real time.”

- Mostafa Akbari, CEO, Holobuilder

Greater Trust. When everyone can see the same information, and view the project with their own eyes, it eliminates the need to debate reality, while increasing the level of transparency across the board.

“At Holobuilder we say, ‘You don’t have discussions, because you have the truth.’” 

- Mostafa akbari, CEO, Holobuilder

For large and complex projects, Holobuilder is a game changer. It eliminates debate, reduces confusion, increases trust and collaboration, and provides a faster, more effective way to measure and manage progress. We’d love to show you a demo of the project in action.


Check Out the Power of Holobuilder and BIM 360 Integration



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